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               Bill's hat ( Painted : Baclavas
                                        are forever )

                                               ✪ A.h.R.i
                                       Rancho Relaxo

                                              Papa Papz
                      Hound dog ( Team spirit )

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[Admin] frp: drifting around a corner in gmod is the most effective method of turning should be common knowledge

Jackpody: we have pollinated the lake

Jackpody: yes
Jackpody: i'm horny

Blueprint: is jack on his period
Jackpody: yes

Jackpody: it's a computer I made that writes "penis" over and over

NinjaPhenix: whats cc_random do?
NinjaPhenix has timed out!
NinjaPhenix has disconnected!

3xco3xcoxbxlxaxdxexe : die
3xco3xcoxbxlxaxdxexe : dumb kid

TESTER : i love when noobs tryin hard
TESTER : i havin fun

Today's date is July 23, 2018 : i use the whip in medieval because i can't actually hit melee hits consistently so i just need to use an AOE effect.
( AOE = Area of effect )

Bez Nazwy : hi vej you good player
Vej : oh stop it you
Vej : ಸ‿ಸ

farolo : Get a life Vej

James : FUCK YOU

James : fuck
James : fuck
James : fuck
James : fuck
James : fuck
James : fuck

Lucky-Senpai : all i ask is a perfect anime with the perfect amount of fan service. in other words, Hentai.

[Aurora] ₭ ₳ ₦: i shut down the loli army but it came back

Grimtarg has renamed their The Freedom Staff to Mein Kampf

Finn.-. answered: 0 + 21 = 37

Oli Ejigo: and die to death

Vej: your reasoning is equivalent to saying all wheel drive adds grip
Playboi Carti: it does

syro : you are all terrible kill yourselves please
★ Player syro left the game (Disconnect by user.) [STEAM_0:1:174670580]

fredbie01 : Jesus christ VeJ you're the god of aiming pills or something?

Pablo Thiccasse : i cant take a demo slapping me with a pan then a fuckign minecraft chicken noise happens

Cyfrek : vej learn to play spy
Cyfrek : pls

*DEAD* IStimon : hacks nigga kys commit

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Doc Mar 9 @ 9:55am 
Hi, I'm Chris Hansen, why don't you take seat right over there?
Vej Mar 9 @ 4:44am 
isn't that just megumin?
Dorito Rancho(Love Miko❤) Mar 8 @ 10:56pm 
Demo*loli*tion man
Doc Mar 8 @ 3:02pm 
You know what Mr krabs I'd my waifu
Vej Mar 8 @ 3:01pm 
vichy ✠ Mar 8 @ 2:33pm 
Patrick < Demolition man