Squircle: Most Fabulous Turtle
Liam Kelly   Maryland, United States
Co-Owner of FAM143, Owner of GATER eSports

For Business Inquires:
:Twitter: DM @Squircle_MFT
-Email: Squircle@FAM143.com

moderator for WeAreCHS, Team_Pure, HockmanEdits, I0nTV on Twitch.tv

* squircle used confuse. Skill is now confused. Skill hurt himself in confusion. Skill fainted. Squircle wins. What? Squircle is evolving?. Squircle turned into a warturle would you like to rename your pokemon? Warturtle was named Squircle.*

(if i don't know you, or you don't know me. Don't add me, unless you have a problem, which I ask you state below.)

I host giveaways on SteamCompanion


(Don't beg for games, i'm not that generous and I don't want to hear your drama problems)

Look up in the sky!

It's a Circle!

It's a Square!

No, it's Squircle!!!
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Samorra Apr 19 @ 12:59am 
this guy in my profile made giveaway - he gave me karambit lol
FunSeidtz Apr 17 @ 4:26am 
Hello, one guy is quit csgo trading and csgo at all(cause of last update) so he's giving skins giveaway. One person - one skin. His link in my profile bro
Xinge Dec 24, 2017 @ 9:21pm 
Merry Christmas!
OgAm Oct 21, 2016 @ 5:44pm 
Squi* you are a great person, and of course the best and oldest friend on my list, thank you very much for all your help and:gachapon::thumbsup:
Saladman Feb 14, 2016 @ 3:13am 
Give This Rose ~ To Everyone You Care About.
Freedom Redeemer Dec 24, 2015 @ 8:40pm 
ℳєɾɾy ℭhɾistmαs αnd ℋαppy Ɲєw Ƴєαɾ                      

▕▔▔╲ ▉ ▉ ╱▔▔▏                     
  ╲▂▂▔ ▔▔▔╲▂╱         
    ╱╱▔▉╲  ╲╭━╮
╱▔▏ ▏╲▂▉╱╱▔▔╰━╯         
▏▕  ╲    ▏╲▂▂╱          
╲▕▂▂╱    ╲  ╱
▕       ╱▔▔▔          
▕ ▂▂▂ ▂ ▏