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As a fan of the first Mega Man X game, and not really any other Mega Man game (at the time of this writing since I've not really put time into other Mega Man games), I have to say this game is amazing. The RNG can be frustrating, but it's also what sets this game apart from Mega Man X. The randomly generated level layouts and powerups make each playthrough a new adventure, but also similar enough to where you start to get better at passing certain obstacles.

I like to play as Nina a lot since she controls just like X and uses a buster gun, but Ace can be fun too with his sword. The best part is that you can have BOTH! That's right! 2 players can team up to run and gun through the levels (or more like slice and slash for the Ace players). Although a "balanced" team is Nina + Ace, both players can be Nina if they wish, or they can both be Ace! No limitations in that regard, which is great! The game even uses an alternate color scheme for the 2nd Nina/2nd Ace so that it is always crystal clear which one you are controlling during cooperative play. Nina is blue, 2nd Nina is red. Ace is red and 2nd Ace is blue. No matter who you play as, one of you will be red and the other will be blue.

The controls are tight, and dash-jumping is much easier to do than in Mega Man X, and it feels good. Instead of having to perform a dash on the ground and then jump, one can simply hold the dash button and jump all they want, and each jump will be a dash-jump! For dash-jumping off walls, the same is true. Just hold dash and jump, no need to time the buttons together perfectly like in Mega Man X. It actually took me some time to notice this, and once I did, the game flowed much better for me, as I struggled with movement a bit in the beginning since I had assumed that the controls were 100% identical to Mega Man X, when in fact, they are better.

Each boss has a weakness, which can be obtained from another boss, just like Mega Man. In addition to killing bosses more quickly when used correctly, some of the boss powers can be used to disable traps and hazards, allowing easier traversal of the stages in many cases.

Death can be frustrating since it kills the run, but runs are short if you move fast. Also there is an "easy mode" (labeled Reverent) that gives you 3 lives instead of 1 to complete the game. I do recommend starting there to get a feel for the game, then moving up when you're ready for the challenge.

[Update 2018-01-23]
Although the game recommends an Xbox 360 controller, I have never tried that, and I've had a good time playing with an SNES-style USB gamepad. My control mapping is as follows, since the controls are configurable:

B: Jump
Y: Shoot
A: Power 1
X: Power 2
R: Power 3
L: Dash
Select: "Activate Thing"
Start: Pause

Even though only 3 boss powers can be equipped at a time, they can be swapped at any moment in the pause menu, so you have access to all of them at all times. This can be seen as a downside, but trying to map 8 powers is impossible, and scrolling through them like in Mega Man/Mega Man X wouldn't be the best thing either, so I think they did their best.

[Update 2018-01-24]
Actually, there's an option in the control configuration to scroll through powers or change powers via a radial menu! The more you know!

In conclusion I rate this game 3/3 lemons and 2/2 super fighting robots.
Sporkin8or Aug 30, 2016 @ 12:28am 
I helped test BZ 98 Redux beta, but no, I don't actually work for Rebellion. Just a long time BZ fan. :happymeat:
Myraseth Jul 23, 2016 @ 7:55am 
What's your history, Spork? Do you work with Rebellion, or are you just a hardcore BZ vet? :cca_star::nzdf_star:
Sporkin8or Jul 4, 2016 @ 9:45pm 
@MYTSU Happy 4th! I just got back from seeing some colorful explosions. :happymeat:
MYTSU Jul 4, 2016 @ 7:48pm 
Happy 4th of July! :-)
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Nice channel man!
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