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The Dreadbrony   Equatorial Guinea
Have you not heard a word I said? I am the Ruler of the Mountains! The Shaper of Earth! I dragged the continents where I wanted with the intestines of the Elder Gods as ropes! I molded the terrain of all with nothing more than my hands and the dust of the stars! I created life by slamming two galaxies together with a chain of asteroids!

You can make your stand here and fight me to "Restore order to your Kingdom" but know this... I created your Kingdom as well; with the ruins of Faplantis itself.

But the naivety of humanity is too great to be truly knowledgeable in the Arts of Butts.

The famous words of George W. Bush, 'The British are coming' were not as they seemed. For George W. Bush was a fan of jacking off his enemies in an attempt to gain insight on their weaponry. But unfortunately for the brave rider, the information he received turned out to be fabrications by Bush himself in order to gain public favour and power through fear. This resulted in Bush becoming the General of Knowledge and he was known as the wisest of them all. The British were of course,
mindless drones controlled by the Mechaqueen, so in the face of true intelligence, the British were fried and the Mechaqueen was put out of commision. Later on after the war, Bush was instantly
elected to become president. But during his presidency, he showed his true colours - everyone knew that his words on an incredible force in control by the British were lies. Even later after he was impeached, it was learned that the only knowledge he had that was great enough to defeat the British was his wisdom on Fish and Human Coexistence. In the end, Bush was no longer president, but the new country decided to at least award him a toy medal to commemerate his deeds. Afterwards, Bush was exiled to Hawaii where the natives sacrificed him to the Volcano God, Mawanagawanahanawanaputiwa.


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