Holding onto a False Ban from Naraka: Bladepoint, read my review and spread awareness if you can of their terrible anti cheat and fake customer support.


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Games I am currently really into: League of Legends, Final Fantasy 14, Battletech, Mechwarrior Online

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Quick summary if a games genre will be something I play or enjoy.
Ok'ish, havn't been amazing at them since i last played GoW & Halo Reach/ODST.

Pretty decent, favourite physical card game is MTG, I can play pokemon and yugioh too. My favorite overall though is Sword Girls which is free online.

I suppose I'm ok, though i really like sc2's arcade.

Generally extremely good at these (except dota2)

This is my jam, been playing MMORPGS since i was really little back in 2001. Some of my favs are FFXIV, RagnarokOnline, Eden, B&S, AtlanticaOnline, and WonderlandOnline.

-TBG & Tactics
Some of my best games are Tactic like games such as Disgaea and FFT, though some of my worst too such as Pox Nora.

Games so unique that I'm not sure where they belong, stuff such as Galaxy Legion, WoT, and such.

I ♥♥♥♥♥♥ love gacha, i just wish i had more money.

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Just a low tier shapeshifter girl made of chitin, don't mind me.

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Enable harmony and mod manager first, restart rimworld, then begin adding everything else. If you need a load order or mod setting pr
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-23rd Evening

I've been attempting to talk to both the ingame support and service email for the developers, both will ONLY respond with copy-pasted (probably autonomous) responses. Their copy-paste email response they've used a few times has absolutely broken English that's hard to read. If you have any real issues you will NOT get any help from the devs.

While I was asleep on the 22nd of September I received a (false) game ban from the developers which'll ruin the reputation of my steam account permanently aslong as it's in effect. I'm absolutely confident I've never used a 3rd party software, exploit, or service to gain a advantage in this game and the devs won't even give a human response to try and show what I could've done(there's nothing and they either know that or have their entire anti-cheat and support on full automation).

The only programs I've used in the last few months besides games themselves are Armoury Chest (built into ASUS motherboards), Discord, Steam(yes this client you're viewing this on), Opera & Opera GX (web browsers), Chrome Browser, Porofessor & Blitz: League of Legends statistic assistants which are the same as sites like and metasrc (all of which are completely allowed by LoLs ToS), RimPy (rimworld mod load manager), Vortex (mod manager being used for multiplayer 7 Days 2 Die).

If you wana see that I've never been banned in any other competitive or mmo game I've played that's popular and reputable, go ahead and check or contact me on them.

-Cs:go, FFXIV, Smite, Paladins, DOTA2, Rocket League,
Warframe, DbD, RS Siege, For Honor: All this steam account
-LoL NA: Kagarin Izuriha
-WoT NA: Kuroneko_38T
-Mcc Reach & 3: Smug Kitty8995(I think, haven't opened it in awhile)

-22nd Evening (original before they gave 6 automated email responses)

64 Hours, cosmetics bought and interacting with community and streamers just to be false banned. Leaving a scar on my pristine profile that I've kept clean for 13 years. Now because of a faulty system or a mass report I can't be trusted.

I don't have or own a single cheat software and i've put hundreds if not thousands of hours into games with way more notable anti-cheat than Naraka, take a look at my games on steam, let alone off steam games like League of Legends (and other riot games), World of Tanks, and several other mmo's.

Unless they fix this issue i won't be changing this review, and i'll actively discourage purchases of this game. I'll do a proper review of the gameplay itself when I'm able to play to 100 hours.
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𝓜𝓼 𝓒𝓱𝓻𝓲𝓼 Jan 12 @ 11:21pm 
Oh, wow. Not all the time I see card games in someone's bio or info box. I'll always love Pokemon TCG and Yu-Gi-Oh. I can appreciate both for their artwork always but I just never really play anymore. Never really got into Magic but tried it once just to learn it. Hope it's alright to send an add. That's all I really see here I liked about your bio.
Sato 🧡 Dec 25, 2022 @ 10:55am 
Smug cat(girls) are like God's gift to the world, the best damn thing we have in life
gtfo Oct 16, 2021 @ 5:04am 
p... please accept my friend request !! i'll be happy if you accept it :>
Currut Oct 15, 2021 @ 5:01am 
Adding, curious about your Naraka experience
700GS OR PASS Oct 14, 2021 @ 9:44pm 
anyone who plays ff14 for that long has my seal of approval and trust
700GS OR PASS Oct 14, 2021 @ 9:43pm 
I trust your Naraka review, these developers are something else out of a comedy. Haven't been banned yet just commenting.