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:summersun: Hey! I'm Spikey Mikey! I play TF2 and CSGO and make videos and stream on YouTube and Twitch! Links to them are on my profile!

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- The best ways to talk to me are on Twitter or on my Steam Group!

- Please be patient when messaging me! I take a while to respond sometimes, especially when i'm in game.

- If you have any suggestions for videos then make sure to join my discord and post it in the #ideas room!
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Tetro Jan 19 @ 12:55pm 
can i talk to you in private?
Naleksuh Jan 19 @ 12:45pm 
hey, i'd like to add you cause i had some possible ideas id like to share with you
DragonVestor Jan 19 @ 3:42am 
Want to show u my load out :D
Sticky Jumper Jan 19 @ 2:46am 
added for possible trade
sadden Jan 18 @ 2:34pm 
I added you to get to RT
Oli Jan 18 @ 2:34pm 
I added you becasue I know you