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The Aspirton Incident

Complete the Aspirton Bank Robbery in "As Good as Dead" before demons arrive.
Unlocked Mar 5, 2020 @ 10:43am

His Leniency, The Inquisitor

Complete "Law & Order" having committed at most 2 massacres.
Unlocked Mar 5, 2020 @ 1:34am

Through Thick and Thick

Complete "Graveyard Shift" without anyone being hungry at any time.
Unlocked Mar 4, 2020 @ 3:55am

Double Excellence

Fully develop two technological domains during "Method in Madness".
Unlocked Mar 4, 2020 @ 8:50am

Daring but Careful

Complete "In Gold We Trust" with no more than 50 peons dead.
Unlocked Mar 4, 2020 @ 7:23am

What Goes Around, Comes Around

Kill Joaquim Perez with the Cañón Calavera.
Unlocked Mar 5, 2020 @ 8:38am

Vengeance Served Cold

Complete "As Good as Dead".
Unlocked Mar 2, 2020 @ 3:29am

Drowned in Blood

Complete "Law & Order".
Unlocked Mar 5, 2020 @ 2:06am

The Meaning of Life

Complete "Graveyard Shift".
Unlocked Mar 4, 2020 @ 3:55am

A Gift Scorned

Complete "A Matter of Time".
Unlocked Mar 5, 2020 @ 7:57am

Sanity Engineered

Complete "Method in Madness".
Unlocked Mar 4, 2020 @ 10:19am

Everlasting Fame and Fortune

Complete "In Gold We Trust".
Unlocked Mar 4, 2020 @ 7:28am

Raw Deal

Complete "Hard Times".
Unlocked Mar 2, 2020 @ 1:07am

On Earth, as It Is in Hell

Establish Warren's new world order.
Unlocked Mar 5, 2020 @ 3:14pm

Requiem for a Gunfighter

Restore order in the Weird West.
Unlocked Mar 5, 2020 @ 12:18pm

Once Upon a Time in the Weird West

Complete all Scenarios.
Unlocked Mar 5, 2020 @ 12:18pm

Welcome to Hard Times

Complete a single Scenario on Hard difficulty, with both Ironman and Injuries enabled.
Unlocked Mar 2, 2020 @ 3:29am

Welcome to Even Harder Times

Complete every Scenario on Hard, every Scenario with Injuries and every Scenario with Ironman enabled.
Unlocked Mar 5, 2020 @ 3:14pm

Sudden Death

Use Equalization in the first combat turn, then complete the mission without raising your characters' Hit Points with items.
Unlocked Mar 3, 2020 @ 12:19am

The Searcher

Unlock all Trinkets in the game.
Unlocked Mar 5, 2020 @ 12:08pm

Arizona Colts

Complete any tactical encounter without firing weapons other than the Rusty Peashooter.
Unlocked Mar 2, 2020 @ 10:10pm

The Shootist

Complete any tactical encounter firing sure shots (100% Chance to Hit) exclusively.
Unlocked Mar 2, 2020 @ 1:07am

The Wild Bunch

Use at least 30 different characters during tactical encounters throughout the game.
Unlocked Mar 5, 2020 @ 2:45am

Blind Justice

Kill 10 enemies with blind shots (no line of sight)
Unlocked Mar 4, 2020 @ 3:55am

Fight No More Forever

Complete any tactical mission without firing a shot.
Unlocked Mar 4, 2020 @ 8:44am

Treasures of the Sierra Madre

Use 25 different usable items at least once.
Unlocked Mar 5, 2020 @ 1:18am


Kill an enemy with a bullet ricocheting off at least 3 different objects.
Unlocked Mar 4, 2020 @ 10:07am

Brimstone Killer

Kill a demon while your character is in demon form.
Unlocked Mar 2, 2020 @ 10:10pm

Aces in the Hole

Assemble the Five of a Kind hand.
Unlocked Mar 2, 2020 @ 9:49pm

Fastest Gun in the West

Kill an enemy in the very first action in a tactical encounter.
Unlocked Mar 2, 2020 @ 8:31pm

Scars of Freedom

Complete 'Scars of Freedom'.
Unlocked Mar 6, 2020 @ 11:09am

Dr Frankenstein

Complete any of the 'Golem' hands on a character and complete at least one combat encounter with that character.
Unlocked Mar 6, 2020 @ 11:09am

Army of Two

Complete the train assault with just Libertee and Phineas in your posse.
Unlocked Mar 6, 2020 @ 7:56am

High Stakes

Win a liver in a game of dice.
Unlocked Mar 6, 2020 @ 10:30am

Human Resources

Collect at least 75 Ether from enemies fallen in one combat encounter.
Unlocked Mar 6, 2020 @ 10:47am