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First off, a general point. This is a first person adventure platformer with an amazing storyline that fits along perfectly with the environment and overall atmosphere. The amazing parkour present will give you a rush that never ceases to excite. Not to mention the astonishing scenery- it's on par with Bioshock Infinite. The hidden puzzles are awesome, and it is always a thrill to find them.

Gathering gadgets and tools to get around a lot easier and have a blast doing it! Meet new creatures in a new world and discover the amazing secrets they hold, and find out the truth about your uncle.

Pros & Cons
++ Pros
+ Great Graphics
+ Easy to control
+ Controller support
+ Puzzles are fair
+ Amazing ideas for character models
+ Outstanding story line

-- Cons
- Character's have sketchy movements ( sometimes )
- Relatively short for the price (2 hour example)
- Too dark in certain places
- Cost of game ( $12.99 )
- No Co-op

Summary -Spoiler Warning-


You play as a person looking for "The Uncle" that has been gone for a long time. While you search for him, you discover that he has been studying things- things impossible in this world. Not only that, but you later find that he has a way into this mystical world. The Uncle has been studying this world for a long time, as is shown through the large collection of notebooks with extensive drawings on the creatures of this world, along with strange markings in the pages. Through his discoveries, you are able to take the passage into this world to try and track him down. While you search, you find clues and leftover inventions that he could not carry with him on his journey. These inventions are normally just fun new ways of getting from A to B. After a while, you discover a village filled with some kind of frog people, who praise The Uncle, and are very kind to you. They assist you in your quest to the best of their amphibious abilities. You traverse many obstacles and solve numerous puzzles to try and figure out where The Uncle might be, but you soon learn that nobody- not even the frog people- know where he is. After continuing your grueling search, you finally find him, and receive an explanation about why he left your world for this one, and why the frog people praise him- He was not simply a traveler that they deemed praiseworthy, he was in fact their creator, and even the creator of the entire world. After this explanation, you try to get The Uncle to come home with you- however, he decides to stay with his creations, instead of returning to his home. On this somber note, you leave him to his life, and return back to your home to tell of what transpired.

Personal opinion

I. Love. This. Game. I have already beaten it once in under 2 and a half hours, but I plan to go back and play it again, both for secrets I missed, and foreshadowing I might not have noticed my first time around. This game gripped me like a vice with its captivating visuals and wonderful story- I really want to see more games with this much creativity. This game has a lot of charm to it, a good bit of peace, and a *shocking* lack of any rage for a first person platformer- it's very fair and lenient compared to others of its genre. It's an overall tranquil experience, but it is not without suspense for what will happen next. If you are a person who enjoys richly atmospheric games over intense action, this is the perfect fit for you. My main gripe with this game is the price: $12.99 USD for a very short game is a bit steep. While the gameplay is fun and the story is rich, the experience was similar to eating a delicious slice of pie (or cake, but as we all know, the cake is farcical)- it is great while it lasts, but at the end, you feel like there was a lot more than what you were given, and you ache to have just a bit more. I hope my opinion has helped you decide whether or not to purchase this game. Final recommendation: If you are a story and parkour fan, pick it up whenever, but for others, wait until it goes on sale. When it goes on sale you have no excuse not to buy it. No excuse. None. I hope I helped you all on your decision about getting this game. I 100% recommend this game!!

Proofread by Frey Cloudseer

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