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Kevin   Netherlands
The name's Spectre. Good TF2 player and experienced trader

Dueler hat owner on the 1,3,4,6,15 May,10 June,9 September 2014, 24 Feb, 6 Mar and 18 Oct 2015:D:.

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Welcome to my profile page!
Please add a comment with the reason why you want to add me. Otherwise I won't add you. :ss13ok:!
I don't accept random invites from private profiles and lvl 0-5 profiles. :TryAgain:

About me:
:fpplus: Birthday: 22 March :balloon::balloonicorn::balloon:.
:fpplus: Language(s): Dutch, English and a bit German :Winker:.
:fpplus: Favorite games: Team Fortress 2, MWO Online and WH40k Dawn of War I-II series.
:fpplus: Favorite color: Red and Blue.
:fpplus: Favorite Food: Chinese food and Fries :wnheart:.
:fpplus: Hobbies: Swimming, Cycling and Gaming.

Useful links:
:ok_ay: Backpack.tf Profile [backpack.tf]
:ok_ay: Bazaar.tf Profile [bazaar.tf]
:ok_ay: Rep.tf Profile [rep.tf]
:ok_ay: SteamRep [steamrep.com]
:ok_ay: Trade offer link

:EntertainmentDivision: In-Game: I'm playing the game and respond messages may be delayed.
:EntertainmentDivision: Online: I'm free probably chilling or checking some things. Respond messages will be swift.
:EntertainmentDivision: Away: Most times AFK. I will respond on any messages when I'm Online again.
:EntertainmentDivision: Busy: Doing important stuff. Might go in for a chat but not for a game to invite me to.
:EntertainmentDivision: Looking To Play: Looking for someone to play together with.
:EntertainmentDivision: Looking To Trade: The least used status of mine.
:EntertainmentDivision: Offline: Should be self-explanatory?
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1:1 weapon swap
I'm a 1:1 Weapon Swapper/Trader. I'm also buying trade cards at 3-4 scrap depending on the card. And I'm buying gems at 30 gems per 1 scrap!

┃┃    ┏━╭╰╯╮ Team Fortress 1:1 Weapon Swapper, trusted since 2012 !
┃┃    ┃┏┻━━┻┓
╰┫ ╭╮ ┃┃Weapons |
 ┃ ┃┃ ┃╰━━━━╯
╭┛ ┃┃ ┗╮

You can also send a trade offer to me with a offer which I can counter offer or accept it when I come online again.
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A Group for all who need Weapons or trade Weapons 1:1
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Heyyy Sentinel, you won't remember me but I'll explain it when you accept mah friend request
also, Merry Christmass
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:crown1: It's now your turn now.
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:RozeZ: We Love You For You. :SevenHeart: