Inspector Willrick
Magma   Szczecin, Poland
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Minges Banned : 52
Performed Perma-Kills : 15
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Wall of memes and other shit
cl_interp 0.0325;cl_interp_ratio 1;rate 60000;cl_updaterate 66;cl_cmdrate 66; gmod_mcore_test 1; mat_queue_mode 2; cl_threaded_bone_setup 1; cl_threaded_client_leaf_system 1; r_threaded_particles 1; r_threaded_renderables 1; r_queued_ropes 1; studio_queue_mode 1
ayy lmao

>Shit happens and we're discussing SCP-1048 being able to make copies
[Owner](OOC) Jay WolvenClaw: i'm asking people with a brain willrick
[Gold-VIP](OOC) Hauptmann Willrick: Because you don't have one yourself
[Gold-VIP](OOC) Hauptmann Willrick: Ayy lmao
[Owner](OOC) Jay WolvenClaw: calm down bigman

William Müller meme

Wilson Late counts how many niggers are in the room.
* 1 and its you
* rekt kid

PFC Sky set the hp for You to 1000
[Admin]PFC Sky: oh shit
Favorite Game
Mr.Penguin Oct 30 @ 12:29pm 
Jesteś w posiadaniu największego gejów
speedfr33k1 Oct 29 @ 6:37am 
RIP 3D stream radio WL
Inspector Willrick Oct 13 @ 1:28pm 
:doicross:Mein Lieben:doicross:
Astar Sep 30 @ 9:54am 
Nice xd
Przypał Sep 30 @ 7:23am 
mam pytanie dotyczące systemu działającego na serwerze
WunTap Sep 29 @ 12:14pm 
nice music dude :D