Inspector Willrick
Magma   Szczecin, Poland
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Minges Banned : 49
Performed Perma-Kills : 11
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Wall of memes and other shit
FYI, if you do not appreciate racism - I reckon you should not scroll down

[Operative](OOC) ██████ Thatcher: fookin laser sights

PVT Parpa: camera disabled
Me: You're disabled

[Admin](OOC) MSGT Sky: how many users can be on a toaster? 80

[VIP][RADIO COMMS] Dylan Edwards: Perms to use common sense?

[Moderator](OOC) Martin Chiselwood: If you like traps then your family will get sent to gulag.

[Gold-VIP](OOC) Dwight Alpha: Your granny tranny

[Senior-Admin][RADIO COMMS] Hans Von GutenBerg: [CMG] Hello general Kenobi

[Senior-Admin][RADIO COMMS] Hans Von GutenBerg: [F] im not racist
[Senior-Admin][RADIO COMMS] Hans Von GutenBerg: [F] and I never lied
[Senior-Admin](OOC) Sven Sky: thats a lie

[Gold-VIP]SGT Foster: ID?
Kokocsir: STEAM_0:1:88986115

[VIP]Vladislav Konstantinovich: im not entering
[VIP]Vladislav Konstantinovich: im asking
[Gold-VIP]SPC Forhes: cool then piss off

20:59 - Lambda: knock knock
21:05 - Inspector Willrick: who there
21:05 - Lambda: dishes
21:06 - Inspector Willrick: nigga wishes to hang himself
21:06 - Lambda: XDDD
21:06 - Inspector Willrick: XD
21:06 - Lambda: YOU RUINED IT
21:06 - Inspector Willrick: haa

[Gold-VIP][RADIO COMMS] Ever Daniel: (CI - C.M.G) can we meet in the parking lot outside PD?
[Gold-VIP][RADIO COMMS] SGT Foster: [CI] no
[RADIO COMMS] Plod Kauber: [CI] Hello this is chillies
[Gold-VIP][RADIO COMMS] SGT Foster: [CI] Hi what kind of gas do you sell?
[RADIO COMMS] Plod Kauber: [CI] Nova Six
[Gold-VIP][RADIO COMMS] SGT Foster: [CI] Ok, I'll take Nitrogen
[RADIO COMMS] Plod Kauber: [CI] we dont stock nitrogen
[RADIO COMMS] Plod Kauber: [CI] ONly Nova Six
[Gold-VIP][RADIO COMMS] SGT Foster: [CI] Well fuck you then
[Gold-VIP][RADIO COMMS] Yuri Zhivago: [CI] Hello, I don't think we've spoken before, but your men are going to have to step up their efforts to beat me.
[RADIO COMMS] Plod Kauber: [CI] Really?
[RADIO COMMS] Plod Kauber: [CI] You really want us to step up?
[Gold-VIP][RADIO COMMS] SGT Foster: [CI] Yeah lol

[VIP][RADIO COMMS] Johnathan Ray: (CI )ANyway would you like an AR With a side of fries And a large Pistol Cup?
[Gold-VIP][RADIO COMMS] SGT Foster: [CI] Well you're the most retarded Person of Interest I've ever heard in my entire life.
[Gold-VIP][RADIO COMMS] SGT Foster: [CI] So happy hunting,

[Gold-VIP][RADIO COMMS] Jamie Rose: Your site is dis-functional without the site director.
[Gold-VIP][RADIO COMMS] SGT Foster: You know what's also disfunctional without the site director?
[Gold-VIP][RADIO COMMS] SGT Foster: Your brain.

[Gold-VIP][RADIO COMMS] Houston Benton: [F-GOC] Ask Nicely Say 'Please Come and assist us'
[Senior-Admin][RADIO COMMS] Slice Romaine: [GOC-F] Please come and assist us
[Gold-VIP][RADIO COMMS] Houston Benton: [F-GOC] No thank you

[Gold-VIP][RADIO COMMS] SGT Foster: Rank?
[RADIO COMMS] john miken: let me see
[RADIO COMMS] john miken: im level 10

[RADIO COMMS] SPC Parpa: SCP 913 seems to be addicted to vodka after a GOC fed him it. Now he can't stop asking about it.
[Gold-VIP][RADIO COMMS] Booker: Hi I am Mister Booker, feed it GOC and see if he becomes addicted to em

[Gold-VIP][RADIO COMMS] Lorex Krato: SD, one of Bookers friends are at Gate A. Let him in?
[Gold-VIP][RADIO COMMS] Booker: Hi I am Mister Booker, I don't remeber having friends?
[Gold-VIP][RADIO COMMS] Booker: Unless they came back to life after they died

>When you're so good at your job that you recruit someone from a Police Officer to a Medical Staff via PassiveRP

22:39 - Lambda: For Honor
22:39 - Inspector Willrick: shame*
22:39 - Lambda: bitch u have no honor
22:39 - Inspector Willrick: xd
22:39 - Lambda: xddd
22:39 - Lambda: For Incest
22:39 - Lambda: i mean
22:39 - Lambda: cough
22:39 - Lambda: wrong country

[VIP][RADIO COMMS] Johnathan Ray: (F) It was self defense
[Operative][RADIO COMMS] Head Researcher Slicce: [F] UR MOM WAS SELF DEFENCE

20:41 - Lambda: question: do you hate me
20:41 - Inspector Willrick: no
20:41 - Inspector Willrick: I hatus faggus cuntus you
20:41 - Lambda: 4 no 0 yes til now
20:41 - Inspector Willrick: jk
20:41 - Inspector Willrick: xd
20:41 - Lambda: XDXD
20:41 - Inspector Willrick: XD
20:46 - Lambda: Lambda: question: do you hate me
Soldier G: Yes
Lambda: Fuck
Lambda: 5 no 1 yes
Soldier G: all of them lied
Lambda: :(

[Gold-VIP](OOC) Chook Nouris: foster have big gey
[Gold-VIP](OOC) MSGT Foster: ur nan gay
[Gold-VIP](OOC) Chook Nouris: your granny tranny
[VIP](OOC) Callum Reed: Your sister a mister
[Gold-VIP](OOC) Chook Nouris: your dad lesbian
[VIP](OOC) Callum Reed: Your brother a mother

[VIP](OOC) Recruit Lunca: richard do you like deez nuts
[Gold-VIP](OOC) MSGT Foster: Could you stfu with that fucking dead meme?
[Gold-VIP](OOC) Ryan Lowe: Using a really old dead meme in 2018
[Gold-VIP](OOC) Ryan Lowe: You must have alot of friends man

Japadapapapa : gamecrafter just killed 5 scouts without even taking damage
Japadapapapa : its 'skill'
^ tfw people call Gamecrafter [Vox] a hacker

07:08 - Inspector Willrick: knock knock
07:08 - I spend these nights alone💚: who's there
07:08 - Inspector Willrick: KKK
07:09 - I spend these nights alone💚: Oh shit
07:09 - I spend these nights alone💚: HIDE THE NIGGERS

[WG Co-Founder](OOC) Dr. Leo Strasse: I give up on you Foster
[Gold-VIP](OOC) FSGT Foster: <3
[Super-Admin](OOC) Priest Edwards: You gave up on us a long time ago
[WG Co-Founder](OOC) Dr. Leo Strasse: A Failed Human.
[Gold-VIP](OOC) FSGT Foster: I'm no human, I'm Connor. An android sent by CyberLife.
[Super-Admin](OOC) Priest Edwards: Jesus fucking christ...
Favorite Game
[W-G] Slice Jul 17 @ 11:10am 
Watch out homie this nigga “Cola“ trying to pass your checkpoint without showing his ID.
Damanged Jul 16 @ 11:04am 
willrick likes to chew ass
Cola Jul 16 @ 5:42am 
:glory: Twój paszport został przyjęty :approved: :glory: :glory: Komunikat ministerstwa: Czy widziałeś tego szmuglera? :jorji: Jeśli tak natychmiast zgłoś się do organów ścigania :glory:
speedfr33k1 Jul 14 @ 1:23pm 
THIS MOTHERFUCKER HAS GOT MY HOUSE UNDER GUNPOINT! (+Rep. You have to be a complete fucking madman to do that but he stayed away from my cars so we're all good.)
mürmürbağa Jul 11 @ 12:17pm 
I added you, because I was adding good cs:go players for play together. I'm not playing cs anymore. Take care
[W-G] Slice Jul 10 @ 2:20am 
Local rapist that hides in poland from the 7th Waffen-SS and plays Garry's Mod SCP-RP while he hides in the basement of a robbed apartment.