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Spark Sep 29 @ 9:53pm 
Even recorded your nonsensical rambles about how they knew where you were. lmao
Spark Sep 29 @ 9:49pm 
Wait aren't you the guy who accused a sniper who missed his shots 5-4 times and said he had wall hacks?
cablewife55 Sep 29 @ 6:40pm 
you litterally rage quit in that same chatlog lol
Spark Sep 16 @ 4:41pm 
Thank you for having the time to go to my page. Glad to know you are that butt-hurt.
MINE_ Sep 15 @ 9:37pm 
★ 2022 ★ Spark: says the man hiding in spawn lol.
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膠龍獸(gumdramon) Mar 8 @ 10:30am 
ehtees ,dlam ,epoC