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Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony
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Video showcase of the animated character cards from Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony
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Created by - Spanky Pie
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5.7 Hours played
Finding Paradise is an amazing game. It feels like a familiar old friend, but then does something completely different with its narrative structure. Freebird has succeeded in creating something very meaningful and relatable by telling another wonderful story about growing up and looking back.

Now this is an RPG Maker game, and that will turn a few people off of playing it. However, despite the limitations of the engine, the game is able to tell a wonderful story not just through text but through the action of its character, as well as its camera movements. You have to give major props to the developer that they were able to craft a very well put-together audiovisual experience through just sprites.

Speaking of audiovisual, the score and soundtrack is top notch again. The audio is mixed very well with the movement of the game, and the song hits at the perfect spot at the climax to really drive home the narrative.

I would say though that there might be a few too many mini-games that take you out of the narrative, or that there are a few jokes there that is probably out of place within the context of the current scene, but really it just adds to Neil Watts' personality.

Even though the story stands on its own, I really wouldn't recommend playing this before To the Moon. This game pretty much assumes that you are aware of the universe and how it works, and really, this story works better if you already have an expectation on how the operation should go.

Finally and the most importantly, this game is for you if you enjoyed To the Moon or any other bittersweet or tear-jerking stories. Nothing feels like padding. It's all meat here that will make your eyes water as soon by the first bite because it's the best steak you've ever tasted.

Kan, I love you bro. You too, Laura.

What I played: The full game in just over 5 hours
Like: The universe, the story, the soundtrack, the cinematography
Dislike: A few pacing and tone design decisions.
Rating: 5 out of 5
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Spanky Pie May 8 @ 1:46am 
Opo! Pakiusap!
Gin the Cat May 7 @ 7:25pm 
gifts ba?
Spanky Pie May 7 @ 4:55pm 
2 of us left with 5 gens left lol. Managed to power 3 gens up before she rage quit. I had a key too so we could have escaped at that time. gg! :ghsmile:
Vankruze May 7 @ 3:56pm 
+rep Only 2 of us left vs Nurse + Mori + Ruin and we outplayed the nurse so badly she RQ. Well played Claudette always a pleasure :)
Gin the Cat May 3 @ 7:05am 
Kumusta kayo po?
        •● W E L C O M E - T O - M Y - P R O F I L E ●•