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Weird, short experimental piece with an unsettling mood. Only recommended if you are intrigued by bite-sized little oddities. The "psychological horror" tag is misleading.

I've seen the game referred to as pretentious, but I think it's too innocuous to be obnoxious. However, if any hint of pretense is something that makes you erupt into a geyser of furious projectile vomit, you may want to steer clear of this one. I personally enjoyed this strange little diversion.

The current asking price (6,99€) is way too high for what's on offer here - I'd advise waiting until it's on sale, unless you're like me and don't particularly fuss about your money.

(My playtime does not reflect the length of the game. It's a result of me idling for cards, which takes much longer than actually finishing the game.)
Posted March 2, 2016. Last edited December 4, 2016.
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Pony Island is reminiscent of some old experimental Flash games, adhering to the genre which mischievously bullies the player and encourages exploration in a sort-of-point-and-click interface, albeit more refined and containing elements which would be technically impossible in a Flash container.

The story is cute, amusing and not overly serious, although the game did have some welcome, unexpected points of intrigue. The writing could be better, one may feel that the concept of the game could have been realized much more convincingly had the writing been wittier, but I found it to be adequate.

The game is fairly short, but fitting for the type of experience it offers: it is not so short that it feels underwhelming, and not so long that it outstays its welcome. Secrets are plentiful for those with a keen eye and creative mind. Additional playthroughs to uncover more secrets rewards those with a completionist mindset, although the replayability of the game is lacking, with little to no variation.

The soundtrack is catchy and appropriate, bearing (largely) a sense of doom and desperation, with flares of ferocity and determination; erratic and enjoyable.

If the premise of the game and its promotional material appeals to you, then I think that you will likely find Pony Island to be a fun, novel experience.

Easily my favorite pony-themed non-pony game.
Posted February 4, 2016. Last edited March 2, 2016.
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This expansion adds meat to the core game, fleshing things out with various subtle additions. The biggest draw, apart from the expanded number of Versus stages, is the Dark World co-op mode (which can be 100% completed playing solo) which is essentially the same thing as Quest mode in the base game, but with some notable improvements. Each stage is now divided into a number of arenas, forgoing the old system where each stage was a single arena divided into numerous waves, and each stage eventually culminates in a boss battle. There are four stages in total, after which a new gauntlet is unlocked as well. In addition to the normal and hardcore difficulties, there is now also a legendary difficulty level available for each stage. The four boss fights are well designed, and scale with the difficulties. The expansion also adds a few fun, challenging (but reasonable) achievements.

If you enjoy the base game and want more, you can't go wrong with this expansion. Dark World mode feels like a substantial improvement over the previous Quest mode, and the new stages have an atmospheric dark theme. As to whether it is worth the price, that is entirely up to you. The amount of new content is not tremendous, but I personally think it is well worth the investment.
Posted November 6, 2015. Last edited February 6, 2016.
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Note: This game can only be played locally. There is no online multiplayer whatsoever.

Spectacular battle arena-type game focused on fast-paced bow and arrow oriented combat, with mechanics that are very approachable and, for the most part, easy to figure out on your own. The relative transparency of its mechanics does not, however, mean that it is an easy game to master, with its tight controls, twitch counterplay mechanics, and well-crafted, deceptive arenas. A notable feature is the added dimension of screen wrapping - players or objects that pass through the bottom of the screen will come out through the top, left side through the right, and vice versa. Should you decide to pick the game up, you will soon discover what a devilish thing this can be.

The game is split into three modes: Versus, Co-op, and Trials. The Versus mode pits 2-4 players against one another in one of three different sub-modes, all focused on killing the opposing players, with a large number of game modifiers available that change the games in a variety of ways. There are a large number of stages available, some of which have to be unlocked through various means. Co-op mode (perhaps more aptly called "Quest mode", as it can be played and enjoyed perfectly well as a solo experience) is a mode that pits you and a friend (up to three friends in the expansion's version of co-op) against waves of different enemies on each of the themed maps. There's not much more to it than that, but it is enjoyable and provides for some challenge if you're going for achievements. Lastly, Trials is a time trial mode that challenges you to destroy a number of dummies as quickly as possible with the tools available in each stage. It's somewhat maddening, but engrossing for the obsessive.

Overall there is little about the game that I can fault. The most notable flaw is its lack of online multiplayer, the exclusion of which may well have been intentional, as the game appears to have been constructed to strongly encourage getting together and duking it out with a group of friends. Even so, I would recommend it as a singleplayer game due to its inherent charm and the challenges it provides in its Quest and Trial modes, although I imagine a lot of people would disagree with me on this point. I'm just a sucker for a good challenge wrapped into a neat little package. I expect I will be returning to this game many times in the future.
Posted November 1, 2015. Last edited November 29, 2016.
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