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The game is short but it's surprisingly fun and I'm quite fond of its art style.
The game presents some challenges since most birds are cleverly hidden in the scenario.

Regarding the achievements, in my opinion, there was no need to have so many for such a short game (1 achievement per bird).
Posted January 27, 2021. Last edited November 20, 2021.
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Outland is a game that oozes beauty and charm. This Metroidvania platformer, while challenging, has rich gameplay that makes it stand out among other platformers but it's the extraordinary soundtrack and visuals that it possesses that make it one of the most enjoyable experiences on Steam.

- The very diverse environments are all well-drawn. Outland boasts first-rate visuals and artwork that sets it apart.
- The soundtrack suits the diverse settings where the game takes place. It is, for the most part, very relaxing which makes it delightful to play.
- The Gameplay is well polished:
  • There are a lot of different abilities to unlock and use including the power to control light (blue colour) and darkness (red colour).
  • There are also health and energy upgrades scattered among the maps. They can be purchased with doubloons. Doubloons drop from defeated foes and money vases.
  • You can collect "Mark of the Gods" which unlock artwork and new abilities.
  • Difficulty raises every level. The maps get tougher and new and more challenging enemies appear. Fortunately, there are checkpoints where you can save your progress. I had to use Youtube a couple of times for help on how to progress/ how to collect certain "Mark of the Gods" or money vases.
  • There are five bosses and all of them require different strategies to beat.
- It also has a few flaws: although the story is well weaved with the gameplay (on how the character gets his abilities), it is sadly not memorable enough.

Despite its increasing difficulty and weak story, Outland still is an enjoyable game through and through.
Posted August 1, 2017. Last edited November 20, 2021.
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Interloper is a fast-paced real-time strategy game that features stunning visuals and very simple mechanics. The only objective of this game is to claim more territory than your enemy.

You can play in single-player (single match or campaign) or multiplayer. However, there aren’t enough players online so, unfortunately, multiplayer is dead.

During the campaign there will be a tutorial to teach you the mechanics of this game:
- your goal is to conquer 75% of the territory on the map. To achieve that you control a sentinel. You claim territory by moving it to unclaimed areas or enemy territory.
- although sentinels cannot fight, they can claim assemblers that produce drones. These can fight enemies’ drones. To produce drones a power source is needed.
- drones can be upgraded, through foundries, to stronger units - Specialist Units- such as Snipers, Defenders or Destroyers.

Despite multiplayer being dead, I still recommend this game since it does not overstay its welcome: the mechanics can be learned easily and all matches are fast and end quite quickly (they usually don't take longer than a couple of minutes).
Posted August 31, 2016. Last edited November 20, 2021.
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Drox Operative is an action/ Shoot 'Em Up RPG that has plenty of features that make it a very interesting game. Although these same features end up making it lose some of its replayability (a single game can take many hours).
The gameplay makes up for the game's poor graphics.

The objective of this game is to pick a side and help them win. There are 5 ways to win and 4 to lose:
- Military win or loss
- Diplomatic win or loss
- Economic win or loss
- Fear win
- Legend win
- Bounty Hunters (loss)

By exploring sectors of the universe you will find several new races, enemy ships, space wrecks, meteors, anomalies and planets. A fascinating aspect of this game is the fact that all planets have a gravitational pull: if you are close to them your ship will slow down.
Some wormholes transport you to a random destination.

You can help races by doing quests and helping them destroy enemy ships. This does not make them automatically your ally. You can also do the exact opposite: manipulate, spread rumours, attack them to further your agenda or by request of another race.
Even if a race is your ally it does not mean they won't betray you down the road (it also depends on the race's nature).

You start the game by choosing a spaceship from any race: your choice does not make you an ally of that race, you're only choosing the ship you like the most (or the one with better stats).
There are 6 stats to spend your points on.

Each ship has 5 components: heavy, medium, light, race-specific and cargo bays. All components have slots where the "items" such as batteries, pods, weapons, deflectors, crew, plating and fighters are placed.
You can pay the crew to keep them happy.
All ships have a specific power load (that can be increased). If there is any available power load it will increase the ship's regeneration rate. On the other hand, if overloaded it will decrease the ship's speed, regen rate and repair rate.

The ship is protected (depending on the items) with shields, armour plating and lastly structure. If the structure is depleted the ship is destroyed. Energy is used whenever a weapon is fired.
There are also consumables to help you during the battles.
Posted August 2, 2016. Last edited November 20, 2021.
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With a compelling story and gameplay, great visual details and a mesmerizing soundtrack, Empty Soul is one of the best horror and thriller games I've ever played.

In Empty Soul, you play as Solan Walls, a scientist involved in a mysterious accident. As the game proceeds, you find out that not everything is what it seems and that you can't trust anyone, especially yourself.

The game is divided into 4 chapters and the story grips you from the very moment you start playing. Every time you think you figured what happened, the game surprises you: you never know if you are awake or dreaming.

Even though it was created with RPGMake, it managed to create a perfect horror/ thriller atmosphere:
- it is scary, without relying on cheap jump scares. There are only a few but they are tastefully done;
- even with the low resolution, the visuals are very detailed: expect the game to be very gory (a lot of blood almost everywhere);
- the best part of the game is without any doubt the music. The soundtrack is bewitching.

Side note: some of the subjects discussed in this game can be very grim (a lot more than I expected from this kind of game). I wouldn't recommend it for kids.

  • The main character has a health and stamina bar. Stamina is used to run and it regenerates over time. Health is lost every time she is scared by anything. Potions can be used to recover either one.
  • Every time Solan is in a state of "fear" her vision of the world around her is distorted. She can be calmed with some tea.
  • Items that can be picked up shine faintly (a few are easy to miss though). Some of the "key items" can be combined to form new useful items.
  • The puzzles can be hard but they are fun.
  • The game can be completed in ~6h and there are 3 different endings.

This game's biggest drawback is, in my opinion, the slow walking speed. Since a large part of the game involves moving between locations it can get very tiresome.
Posted July 26, 2016. Last edited November 20, 2021.
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Romopolis is an indie strategy and simulation game that manages to be surprisingly fun and very challenging, even though there is no combat whatsoever.

In this game, you are an architect hired by the Roman Empire to build cities. Each time you succeed your notoriety increases and you will get better (though harder) jobs.

It is divided into 24 levels of crescent difficulty and complexity. Each level has 3 obligatory objectives (Goals): all 3 are required to complete the level and they must be done before the deadline. Completing a level unlocks the next one.
Note: There is an option to disable the "deadline". In this case, all you have to do is complete the objectives at your leisure (unless you are after the medal).

To build the cities you have at your disposal: money, wood, stone and workers. Training workers, mining or cutting down trees costs 1500 Dn, ordering wood or stone costs 500 Dn.
Money is gained from the people living in properties (like rent), so the better the properties and the happier the residents are, the more you earn.
Before building anything though, you must purchase its blueprint. Properties (houses/ apartments) require other buildings like temples or markets, otherwise, the residents won't be as satisfied (happy). High-end properties require even more structures.
Concessions allow you to upgrade your properties, so more money can be earned.
All buildings deteriorate so, from time to time, repairs are needed.

Since part of the rent is decided by the residents' happiness, you have to manage it carefully. Being near the wreck of any destroyed building or near a few specific structures will bring the happiness down by 1. Gardens, on the other hand, will make residents in the neighbouring properties happier (+1 happiness).

That's the fun part of the game weigh the pros and cons of what and where to build; what to have near that building; if it is worth it spending money in upgrades, mining, cutting up trees or training workers (they are expensive but mid/late game they are worth the price, allowing you to multi-task and build more complex structures); etc., while trying to complete all goals as fast as possible.

During the Campaign, you can also earn trophies and medals at each level.
  • Trophy: to receive it you must fulfil a secondary objective before all the other (3) objectives are completed;
  • Medal: you are only able to gain it if you complete the level before a certain time. If you make just one wrong choice, chances are you won't earn it, well, at least, in Hard mode. Easy and Normal mode does, sometimes, allow a few mistakes.

Besides Campaign, there is also Sandbox where you can create your maps, set the goals you want to achieve, determine the deadline, etc.
Posted June 2, 2016. Last edited November 20, 2021.
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My Night Job is a fast-paced side-scrolling arcade game that combines elements of comedy, horror and action into a challenging yet entertaining experience.
I would, however, wait for a discount before purchasing this game.

The game starts w/ a very funny introduction on how the character got this “job” and you take things from there (if it is your first time playing, there will be a small tutorial).
The objectives are simple enough: do not let the mansion get destroyed and rescue 100 people. If you die or the mansion is destroyed, the game ends and you register your score just like in an arcade (by using only 3 letters and/ or numbers).

  • The mansion gets destroyed if any 4 of its rooms are destroyed. No room is the same: they all are very detailed and they all look different. There are also "secret" rooms that do not appear on the map.
  • In your way, there are a great variety of monsters. To be able to face them, you have an even greater selection of objects, which can be used as weapons, at your disposal. Each object has a different range and damage but there's a limit on much you can use them since they will degrade from use. Usually, heavier objects do more damage but they also get destroyed faster. Some objects can also turn against you, like the (carnivore) plants.
    If the character is not holding any object it will fight barehanded.
  • People / "hostages" will follow you when you pass by them and they will be rescued when you arrive at one of several helicopter's landing pads. Rescuing them will earn you money and, sometimes, weapons or HP boosters. To receive upgrades you have to rescue special characters (there is 6 of them). There are also a few upgrades scattered around the mansion.
    All hostages have HP, meaning they can die if you are not careful. They can also attack monsters but they do it at a slower rate, so be careful. There's a limit on how many people you can have following you and if you exceed itm some will be left behind until you save the ones who are following you or if they die.
  • Achievements do have a purpose in this game: they will give you bonuses.

Although they are few, this game also has its shortcomings. One of which is the fact that there is only one map to play with (a reason why I would advise waiting for it to have a discount)

NOTE: I found a bug while playing this game (the achievements didn't register on steam) but the developers quickly fixed it.
Posted May 21, 2016. Last edited November 20, 2021.
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Despite the flaws listed below, this game is very enjoyable. The best part of this game, in my opinion, is the (micro)management of the adventurers/companions to face the many obstacles (enemies and traps) thrown your way.

In "Elminage Gothic" you take control of up to 6 adventurers in an attempt to vanquish the rumoured darkness in the caves of Tsun-Kurn.

It starts with an interesting introduction but the rest of the game is pretty straightforward and lacks any real depth (same with the dialogues).

  • There are several places to visit in the city, where besides getting quests, you can: rest, recover HP, perform alchemy and smithing, view items and defeated monsters data, among other things. These places comprise a tavern, an inn, a temple, a shop, the castle and lastly a Training school. This last one, it's where you can choose from a list of already created adventurers to be your companions or perform "adventurer registration" (i.e, create new characters to be your companions). You can also change the classes of already existing characters or simply delete them.
    Character creation goes further than most RPGs: besides the common options in these games, like gender and name choice, it also includes 8 different races to choose from (including some very uncommon ones like dragonewt, werebeast, fairy, gnome and hotleat); "alignment choice" (Good, Neutral or Evil) that limit the choice of the 18 classes at your disposal (by choosing one of the alignments, there will be a couple of classes unavailable to you). You will also get bonus attribute points that also determine what class you can be: to get a certain class you need a determined number of points. You can re-roll the points you get until you can choose the class you are interested in but, fair warning, it is very hard to get more than 20 points (the best I got was 28 after many tries). To be able to pick the "Lord" class you need 30. You can also select the character's age (it affects slightly the bonus attribute points) and one Extra Skill.
    Note: Created characters will have lower levels than the ones that are on the list to pick from.
  • Besides the variety of traps, treasures and items there are also hundreds of different monsters that require different tactics to defeat. Traps can also be tricky to deal with. All this requires a very fine-tuning between the skills and classes of your party members when in combat and dungeon crawling.
  • There is a large variety of dungeon levels too (so far, all dungeon levels I encountered are different).

Beautiful but lacks variety.

The game also has a few flaws:
  • This game lacks is a tutorial but you get the hang of it pretty quickly.
  • Trying to return to a dungeon level after navigating through so many already makes dungeon crawling a bit dull and repetitive.
  • So far I encountered a couple of bugs and glitches.
  • Controlling your character through the dungeons is harder than it should be.
  • The dungeons have very low resolution.
Posted May 13, 2016. Last edited November 20, 2021.
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It's a casual platformer that looks like a Java game. The objective is to dodge obstacles and kill enemy ninjas through the increasingly thickening mist (w/ the least amount of deaths). The only way to get through the levels is by trial and error (until you know the timing to dodge the obstacles on each level). This is clearly visible as the levels progress and the fog gets opaquer, hiding a lot of the obstacles.

+ great choice of colours (mostly black, grey and red) that gives this game a "noir" feeling
+ responsive controls
+ simple but fun gameplay

- it gets boring if it's not played for small periods (the frustration does not help)
- Repetitive soundtrack
- no steam achievements (it would certainly make it more entertaining and even increase its replay value)
- no option to change the controls
- occasionally, a glitch happens, when restarting the level, that puts the character in its jump pose. When that happens, you can't jump.

Even considering the price, I would not recommend playing this game.
Posted May 9, 2016. Last edited November 20, 2021.
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When I first saw this game, I thought it would barely have enough content to keep me entertained for a couple of hours. Well, I'm glad I was proved wrong.

How can I even start to describe this game? "A super fast-paced arcade tower-defence" it's a good start but it doesn't cut it.

This game makes most tower-defence look easy by comparison:
- You have to manage to defend your spaceship's cores located in different rooms from getting destroyed. This means, you have to fend off hordes of enemies in several separate rooms, basically at the same time, with limited resources (metal). Since you barely gain any metal from the monsters/ aliens you kill, most of the time you'll be running from room to room destroying your turrets to get metal to build or upgrade turrets in another room and then repeating this process until all rooms are secured.
- To complicate things further, you can only build a few turrets in each room and those must be built in predetermined spaces (i.e., there are specific spots to build them).
The character itself is very easy to control. He can either walk on the ground or in the ceilings. And did I mention that he wields a blaster that looks like a chicken as a weapon? It has limited fire time (cooldown time) though.

To help you gather metal, there's also a bullet hell mini-game, in which you control a pod and try to destroy ships and other objects for as long as possible while trying to collect metal. If you touch another object, your pod is destroyed and you are back on HQ (hopefully, w/ more metal). You can only play this mini-game once a day.

The story is funny and entertaining but it also takes time to complete, especially if you are after the achievement "Perfectionist" like me.
Besides Story Mode, there's also "Challenge Mode" (which contains several challenges to be perfectly completed) and "Endless Mode". Both are a lot harder than the first.

The soundtrack is very fitting for this arcade game and the artwork and animation is what you can expect from a retro game (not that it's a bad thing).
Posted May 6, 2016. Last edited November 20, 2021.
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