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Ethan   Texas, United States
I'm a composer and sound designer, hence the name, "SoundSmith".

I don't accept random adds, sorry :c
Read the FAQ for info on how to contact me.

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Side Note: Stop using my offer link as a private messaging service. I probably won't respond.
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Frequently Asked Questions:
Q. Can I add you?
A. Due to an overwhelming amount of messages from people already on my friends list, I no longer accept friend requests. Sorry.

NOTE: Please, for the love of god, do not harass my friends and try to make them tell me I should add you. If I am made aware of you doing this, I will block you.

Q. How can I get in contact with you?
A. Shoot me a tweet @SoundSmithTF2

Q. What HUD do you use?
A. I use a custom Toonhud which you can find here. []

Q. Who do you main?
A. I main Trolldier. Fat Scout is my secondary.

Q. No, really, who do you main?
A. In all seriousness, I don't really have a main. I just play whatever. Maybe Heavy I guess? Idunno.

Q. What program do you use to record?
A. Shadowplay for gameplay, Pro Tools for voice.

Q. What microphone do you use?
I use a Neumann TLM 102, which I run through an Apollo Twin Duo.

Q. Why didn't you answer my message?
A. Probably because I couldn't get to it. I get a lot of messages these days, and can't always keep up.

Q. Will you sign my item?
A. Sorry, no. There were way too many people trying to scam me or abusing my signings for profit. Because of these people, I'm no longer signing items. Sorry about that.

Q. Who made your profile picture?
A. My original YouTube Icon was made by a friend of mine who goes by GlorfindelSexyBritches. []
A2. My icon is a sketch by Chloemew, and my banner was made by Monsieur Saboteur.

Q. I made some fanart. How can I show it to you?
A. I'd love to see it! Tweet it @SoundSmithTF2

Q. Do you have a TF2/Discord server?
A. Nope, not as of right now.

Q. Can I use your music in my project?
A. Sure! Just give me credit in the final product of whatever it is you're doing.

Q. What programs do you use to write music?
A. Pro Tools and a buttload of VSTs.
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