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Orion   Detroit, Michigan, United States
“Hold fast to dreams,
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird,
That cannot fly.”
― Langston Hughes

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”
-Thomas Merton

"Redesign there... Redesign here... Fitting style of art everywhere... Almost there to find the design of my OC."

"Birds of a feather, flocks together" .

When a flock of wings loses all but one feather, there is no hope of repairing what was once full.


What was once beautiful and what was once destroyed. Both good and bad, both peaceful and chaotic. Desire for companionship but wishes for isolation. Something to love and care for but to also avoid hurting and bothering others in my presence. A simple yet conflicting life to desire for between what's right and wrong. Everything is clueless in the end.

The past, present, and future has moved on. What reason would there be to further care. Only thing left, are fulfilling the long unfulfilled promises I have left to do in the long future, where it doesn't change anything, but to remind myself of my own darkness.

I used to be a fool so many times, that I sometimes felt like I lost my own voice, to avoid the normal life of society.

A darkness so strong within the heart, yet a powerful, potential light deep within the depths of that darkness shows talents that lacked motivation and encouragement when they feel hurt or loneliness.

The land is cloaked in deepest blue

The shadow of eagles across the moon

Endure the pain, it's easy now

In words can I say it?
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Heart of Solitude
-New Heights.-
Mind of a fantasy.

If you're a stranger or someone who I dislike based on your behavior, I have no intention to talk to you regardless of who you are.

These days I'm otherwise mainly known from deathrun.

At some point in the future, if I ever had the heart to find myself comfortable and accepting of myself, I probably would've been more social than who I am now.

Bio: 5+ years of little social interaction. I only speak rarely, but to those who are true to their heart, for those who are understanding to get it. Otherwise, I'm not worth your time to speak to.

Age: You'll have to ask yourself, but that depends if I want to tell you.

General: Mainly just play games most of the time. I'm somewhat of an artist but rarely or never share my art and lack motivation to anyways. I have a lot of creativity and imagination in my mind... which makes me a fan into fantasy, mythological gods etc. I have a liking with backgrounds that has to do with stars or snow.

Adding me: I only accept FR on certain cases. If I find you to be a decent person I've met through games, all around treating people with respect and friendly regardless of who they are, then you're fine in my book. Strong dislike to people that takes things seriously, even small things in a game.

I value those who are able to maintain a long friendship to be considered at most close to a trustworthy friend. However, I have the tendency to lose the friendly mood over the years and other unfortunate things. In other words, I myself maintain a terrible friendship in the long run.

Personality: I'm socially shy if you don't know already. I keep things to myself most of the time and rather never open to people. I'm rather supportive to some people in my own ways, but hold some things ill will and never the type to be confronting of the issue to most people. I'm generally anxious all the time and I personally dislike people having expectations from me regardless of my talents. As much as I do like to receive attention, forcing myself for attention isn't my style.

In other words, I have the tendency to avoid making friends. Even if I wanted to, no matter how interesting or funny I may find you to be, I'm not open to my own feelings or emotions.

I don't roleplay, don't even ask me about rp.

I have zero intentions to sell my items, you will be blocked if you're only adding to trade.

-About Myself-
:FlashFreeze:Orion (pronounced "Or-i-on"), simply how I am called as and how I came to go with that name from my interest into stars. Just some furry trash and nothing else really. I don't have much to say really.

Levi [cdn.discordapp.com] (Lee-vi), my alternative OC I made that I probably may use him for in the future. Tbf, he's my first official OC ref I made from myself.

:OrionNorthStar:Games I only touch these days are TF2 Don't Starve Together(DST), and Risk of Rain 2. Alternatively I may also play L4D2 if I'm bored to play anything else or with others. Terraria 1.4 hype.

FREE COPY PAPER, SWEET! The apocalypse was totally worth it. ~Zoey

:OrionNorthStar:Discord: ❅ Orion ❅#8635
(I primarily use discord to chat, but most of the time I rarely say much when it comes to topics that are irrelevant or uninteresting to me or I never introduce myself in servers, so discord is usually just something I use to look at whatever is going on in communities and art.)

16Personality: Mediator [www.16personalities.com]

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” -Pablo Picasso

Obligatory Madness vs. Machines progress [potato.tf]if you're stalking me for some reason.

Yes, I draw, specifically digital art. Rather rarely though due to dealing with personal issues occasionally. Drawing is like a "journal" to me, but has more meaning to it than now. Don't even think about me drawing you something, I only choose to draw people something because I'm grateful for them. Don't be one of those people who just pretends to be a friend for free art from an artist.

Should every character have some story behind their development, that is what makes every character alive and unique in their own ways.

it doesn't matter whatever happens to me as long as the people I've met from the past are happy as they are in the present and future. My sign of appreciation to the people I meet ahead are when I choose to draw something for them. Because that is the only thing I can offer at heart if that is how someone treats me as a friend who can show me how to smile like the past time to time.
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