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Hammer Sickle

That is all.
Posted June 28.
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The visuals are hit and miss. The cutscene graphics, though beautiful, somewhat oversexualized. The music was below average for me. WAY TOO MANY REFERENCES. The characters, interesting, but forgettable. A somewhat cliché story, yet plain. The game itself is alright. It gives you SOME liberty on what career you want your "waifu" to lead. Either being a singer-songwriter, actress-movie director, or a supermodel. In the end, you get railroaded to do all three. Achievements are simple to get. However, it does require multiple playthroughs to achieve. This increases replayability a decent amount. However, the "gem" upgrades make the 4th playthrough and onward really boring. Overall, it's average at best. Just play to obtain 100% completion.

PS: The English version is AWFUL. I'm no Grammar Nazi and I know the creator has English as his second or third language, but JESUS CHRIST, it somewhat cracked what was already a plain story. I suggest getting someone who speaks English to rework the text in the game and release it as a patch.

Posted March 19, 2017. Last edited November 22, 2018.
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God, I hate milkshakes. Die, milkshake, die! That's right, milkshake, you have been defeated. Now, you go to milkshake prison!
Posted March 11, 2017.
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Montaro is a platformer that revolves around Doge. No more needs to be said.

Rating: 8.0/10
Posted September 8, 2016.
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Storm Of Spears is a RPGMaker created role-playing game with a very misleading title. There are other aspects of this game that may be misleading to players.

To start, the game's performance is below standards to play. Regardless of your system, the game will most likely stay at below 30FPS. The game also runs an outdated version of RPGMaker (VXAce) instead of its current sucessor (MV). From the looks of it, SoS went through little time in development, so a simple switch to a better game creator version would have seriously improved its asthetics, performance and even resolution.

The design and visuals is simply inconsistent. The main character, Sura, has 3 different depictions of her; bust image, ingame sprite and trading card artwork. All 3 are very unrecognizable from each other. Also, the false and unrealistic breast sizes. This game has a "Nudity" tag and after completing the whole game, I recieved not a nipple. Nothing more than a clickbait tag. The story is decent, but mostly textbook. Also, there are many plot twists, expected and unexpected. A common trend to keep the story somewhat interesting. The battle system is stock. You have your 4 by the book retro RPG character lineup (Attacker, Stat Changer, White Magic, Black Magic). The sidequests are meaningless and the achievements are so simple to get. Just "play" through the main game.

Overall, Storm of Spears NEEDS a huge overhaul. Program update, custom asthetics, consistent character portraits and sprites, better story telling, alternate battle system beyond the stock, sidequests with high risk; high reward, and a name change.

Rating: 4.5/10
Posted July 21, 2016.
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Cave Story+ is a 16-bit "Metroidvania" platformer created by Nicalis. You play as Quote, a robot soldier discharged from an old war in which you use your array of weapons to stop the Doctor. Cave Story features an amazing story which also contains alternate endings based on your actions throughout the game. This game has been released on multiple platforms such as the Nintendo Wii, 3DS and of course, Steam. This version features an enhanced versioin of Cave Story, with cleaner graphics and remastered soundtrack, as well as challenges and achievements. The achievements are simple to get, most of them can be achieved during your first run of the game. Others require to complete certain objectives and replaying the game. The challenges can be challenging, but it does give the player some elements aside from the main game.

Highly recommended for people who love an amazing story and a general fanatic of platformers. High replayability, alternate endings and challenges. Best version of Cave Story. Rating: 9.0/10
Posted December 1, 2014.
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Terraria is a sandbox game in which you create a character and spawn in a random world where your goal is to survive. Basically, the term most people use to describe this game as "two-dimensional Minecraft". Still, Terraria does offer its differences. The game has a vast amount of resources, big arsenal of weapons and a huge bestiary. You can either have one character in one vast world or multiple characters in multiple worlds, the choice is yours. Also, you can explore the world of Terraria yourself or play alongside friends. Plus, Terraria recieves updates once in a while to keep players into the game by adding all sorts of new elements.

Highly recommended for those who prefer creativity and/or survival in videogames. A must-have in your library. Better if purchased during a sale. Worthwhile... Rating: 9.5/10
Posted December 1, 2014.
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Nihilumbra is a platformer with a few twists. You go through many different enviroments while learning about colors, its abilities as well as yourself. The game revolves around the subject of life, death and existence. It really gets to you sometimes...having to reconsider all that you know. This game isn't complete without puzzles, some are self-explanatory while others require some thinking. There are achievements that are really easy to acquire, while others require patience and practice. Overall, the concept is unique for a standard platformer.

Highly recommend it for those looking into some good platformers. Rating: 8.5/10
Posted August 20, 2014.
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140 is a really good game to spend a few simple minutes. Alongside the colorful graphics, the main emphasis of the game is the music. It flows along with a cool electronic rhythm. Basically, it's a game with a pattern system...if you remember the pattern and feel the music throughout, it shouldn't be too hard for those who are not the best in this type of genre. There are three stages in the game and once those have been completed, there are three more stages. It's basically mirror stages, but one mistake and you must start all over from the beggining.

140 is a game that you won't invest many hours in, the achievements are simple to get, and just a game to relax you...highly recommend it.
Posted June 27, 2014.
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