Chris   Vranov, Presov, Slovakia
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"Fuck off, Go lick pussy if you gay" -Random Ruski
I have officially confirmed that an albino nigger is impossible. :)

Profile Information

|Other Nicknames - soki|
|Favourite Games - CS / RL / HOI4 / GTAV|
|16 y.o.|
|115 +Rep |
|Not Clicking Any Links|
|I can +rep or sign your profile after a trade|
|Smurf - |

CSGO Information

Current Rank- Distinguished Master Guardian
Amount of Wins- 427
Current Team- Sminting Community
Current Roster-
Resolution - 4:3 1280 x 960
Sensitivity -1.45
DPI -600
Favourite Team - Ninjas in Pyjamas
Idol -

Other Gaming Info

Rocket League Rank
- Season I -
- Season II -
- Season III - Rising Star
- Season IV - Gold I
- Season V -
- Season VI - Platinum III
- Season VII - Diamond II


IEM Katowice 2018 - Open Qualifier / Lost the first game 16:0

Casual Quotes

♛Me, Myself and I♛
"Fuck Off that's my thing"
"My mum's gonna beat me up for shouting"
"Are you gay" 3secs later "Let them cum"
*Joe gets a 2k* "How good are YOU!" *Joe fails to kill the 3rd* "Are you a spastic?"
"What are you eating" -Marek "Bred" -Me
"Honestly if we lose this game I'll get depression"
*Random black man joined* "Who the fuck are you?"
"I just went from a 3k to being depressed"
"You have 5 bullets... and a dick in your mouth"
"Someone please call child support im getting fucking bummed at short"
Joe: "I've got a win win win loss loss win win win" Me: "You also have dyslexia"
"I need to mentally stabilize"
"Stop running and shooting you fucking spastic"
"Ok I'm gonna go eat some pussy and I'lll brb"
"Oh now you cum"
"chrisV: jonny is gonna be op as fuck" *William fucks him in the ass 10 minutes later*
"Ahh I can't even whistle properly" -Joe "Ye you can't even talk properly" -Me
"It's alright Jonny, we've all been there" -Will "Nah I'm pretty sure it's just him" -Me

*Declares war on half of the world.* "Hey Italy , do you want a job?"
"Probably got his dick stuck in a arkosaurus."
"I'm just gonna wander around and look for kids"
"What the fuck are you"
Cryptococcal meningitis "Ye my aunty has that"
"I'll give you aids"
"I'd give you this phone but it's legit smaller that my dick"
"Sometimes I just slav squat on my chair"
"Im scared that I'm gonna wander around and look like I don't know where I'm going because I don't know where I'm going"
"Fucking hell, your ego is bigger than my neck"

"What res do you play on?" - Marek "Wide screen" -Will
"I have this very sharp knife and I really just wanna cut my dick off"
"nonononono, actually, no"
"ua = north america"
"how do you spell failure"
"We're practising school shooting"
"1, 2, 3, 6, oh wait shit I missed out 5"
"Open your ear"
"ok it's all good guys, i have a lollipop"

'VAC Anti Cheat came on'
"Oh i'm playing shit, I wanna go back to silver"
"I need a black man"
"what is the anal hole?"
*Believed that boys have periods*
"I like it hardcore"
"I'm just gonna go touch my dick"
"Look how big it is"
"oh yes i hit the wrong button"-will "Well you do have fat fingers" -Joe
"Ohh Fnatic" Me "Ohh NiP" Will "Ohh Wallhacking" -Joe
*Chris saying 236 memes a fucking dog year* "Have you took LSD" -Joe
"Jack go tell your mum to come fight me"
"All I wanna do is play minecraft in peace"
"I'm just giving him info" "Green your mic is bad"
"Wtf I have the most quotes? You can clearly tell who's the most retardedest"
"What's copy pasta"
"MATE YOU GOT FUCKED THIS GAME" -Joe "Did you win then" -Chris "No :D" -Joe
"Ohh there's such a cute husky outside" -Nathan "Ohhhhh I wanna fuck the husky" -Joe
"Honestly I fuck dogs"
"So fucking ez, why you so ez zaid"
"I said I was cumming"
"You know that chrisV guy? He's pretty insane"-Me "You know that chrisV guy? he's pretty gay also"- Joe
"Ok I'm off bye" -Me *Joe leaves and I stay in ts*
"Is anyone playing"-Joe "Nah"-Me,Marek,Zaid "I'll play"-Joeiff "No fuck off it's like asking for a derank with you"-Joe
"Speaking of removing friends"-Joe "Bye Jonny"-Joe "Why is this"-Jonny "I remove all bad players from my friends list"-Joe
"I just got FUCKED"
"I need to go to the jungle biome to kill hornets because I need this thing and ye I just got one hit by a turtle."
*Napoleon* "Didn't he kill the english armada?"
"How do you write honestly"
"WILL, you're DISGUSTING" *votes to kick Chris*
"OHH, Depression I have"
"When Jonny forgets how to Spoke"

"I don't care about black people, I'm not black"
"You brokened it"
"Where did my global go"
"I wanna tryhard because every time I play I get GAY SIILVEERS"

"It's pretty hard to keep up something for 2 days" responds with "unless it's some good viagra"
"Fucking hell I just nutted the wall"
"Seven fucking niggas in my chamber"
"Hello everybody to .. FUCKING HELL"
"Okay they just get a retard to rush cancer"
"If he's watching the smoke he's a faggit"
"I actually like smashing ballz"
"Don't push, just go for hostage" -Joe "Nah it's gonna be alright" -Marek *gets juan deaged*
"Where's Me DIGEL"
"??????? is getting bigger tho aswell"-Marek "What did you say"-Chris "My dick"-Marek
"Who's coming" -Chris "My nigga because I killed him in the basement" -Marek
"Wtf is that"-Marek "Pizza"-Chris "Pizza?!, Looks like my nan's ashes" -Marek
"Jonny just increased the concentration of salt in the Humber"
"Ohhh I'm on a meme streak"
"Jesus Christ I've got another meme"
"Me and Joe just nutted the wall together"
"Never get a blowjob from Joeeee, he spits so fucking much"
"Who's high?" "Not me"
"I'm hiiigh"

Roses are red , I hate bread , Two dead , Found dead.
One Two Three Four , How many Jews are in my Store? 6 Million

soki: Will's gonna go mid game "Oh I wanna play the isle now"
soki: leaves midgame
JoaNIe: ik
*Will leaves the game to play the isle*
JoaNIe: what did u say
soki: what did i say


Great Britain provided time;the United States provided money and the
Soviet Union provided blood. -Joseph Stalin

Soviet Order No. 227 "Not one step back"

When you forge a weapon, you need three things
The right metal, temperature over 1400 degrees
And someone who wants to kill

"We know who they are and what they do. This is what they do, and we must fight back. You can torture us, and burn us, and burn our districts to the ground; but do you see that? Fire is catching,
And if we burn, You burn with us.

"May the odds be ever in your favour"

PC Specifications

•CPU : AMD FX 8300 3.3Ghz OverClocked to 4.1Ghz
•CPU Cooling : ARCTIC Freezer A11
•Motherboard : ASROCK 980DE3
•Graphics Card : MSI GTX 1060 3GB
•RAM : HyperX FURY 8 GB 1866 MHz DDR3
•PSU : EVGA 500W Bronze Cert
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