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爪卂Ҝ乇 ㄖㄩㄒ 卄丨ㄥㄥ - 乂乂乂   Nelson Bay, New South Wales, Australia
ᗷ ᗩ ᗪ ᐯ Ꭵ ᗷ ᗴ ᔕ ᖴ ᗝ ᖇ ᐯ ᗴ ᖇ

Becky Lynch & Alexa Bliss are bae af.
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Just a heads up and a few ground rules before adding me.
If you're going to add me and you're a level 0 or a private profile you're getting removed on sight.

If I accept your friend request don't expect me to be the first one to strike a conversation. As I'm not the greatest at starting conversations. So if you message me first I'll be more than happy to talk to you.

If you're going to remove me off your friends list. Please give me a valid reason as to why and I'll most definitely understand. Instead of randomly deleting me for no reason at all, as I find that shit highly irritating tbh. So if you're one of those type of people don't bother adding me at all.

Online: Feel free to message me.
In Game: I'll still be able to chat. Just don't get super salty when I don't reply back right away.
Away: I'm most definitely asleep or I'm off doing something else.
Busy: I rarely ever use this feature.
Offline: I'm either asleep or I've gone out somewhere.
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♫Hollywood Undead♫ - Public Group
Undead Army ... it's the DAY OF THE DEAD!
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herman May 18 @ 3:55pm 
+rep have a nice day xd
ღ𝒩ღ Mar 11 @ 12:52pm 
Papa Taco Mar 8 @ 10:51pm 
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㊖ Goku Feb 1 @ 12:00am 
Nice profile . :rd_love:
Syd 🍺 Jan 26 @ 10:39pm 
Great nickname, thinking about having support remove it from my account just to stop the invites. :_smile_: