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bolt #goldenpan 16 hours ago 
Mewd Jun 27 @ 10:10pm 
>ALERT: A wild Furry has ambushed you!_
>Furry uses: uncomfortably close!_
>You are slowed 5% for your turn!_
>You use: Cry for help!_
>Furry uses: Yiff!_
>You are stunned! You lost this turn!
>Furry uses: Gay shit!_
>You are damaged by 25 HP!_
>You use: BAG_
>BAG Contents: Molotov Cocktail - Matchbook [12] - Holy Bible - Crucifix_
>You have selected Molotov Cocktail! Removed 1 match from matchbook!_
>Furry has been burnt! Furry lost 15 HP! Furry loses a turn while getting new suit!_
>You use: BAG_
>BAG Contents: Matchbook [11] - Holy bible - Crucifix_
>You have selected Crucifix!_
>Furry has lost 54 HP! Furry is slowed for next turn!
>Furry uses Gay shit! It's not very effective! You lost 7 HP!_
>You use: PHONE_
>PHONE Numbers: 911 - Parents - Rape Hotline_
>You called: 911!_
>Police will arrive next turn!
>Furry uses: Yiff!_
>You have Herpes! Your HP has been reduced to 50% and damage is reduced by 25%!_
>Police have arrived!_
Barry Blueberry Apr 19 @ 5:00pm 
+rep good enough to kill a good server. :satan:
Barry Blueberry Apr 19 @ 4:53pm 
-rep, killed a good zombies plugin all on his own.
swarf Apr 16 @ 7:02am 
I still miss that fucking server
Zen🍺 Mar 14 @ 3:09pm 
Good icon for getting a mallet