Snow Weed
As above, so below   Florida, United States
Return to the hand that embellished you with such a precious soul.
Been playing cs for 11 years now and still fucking suck.
Yes, I am taller than you.

The silent sated sparrow suffices through the heavy laden talons of ravenous crows bidding for destructive desire, and harrowing hunger.


Give me what?
Best anime ep ever.
Degen level is prty high []
Serenading silence sobering the somber shadows of significance.
Just a hound hunting his affliction
Host a server here.

Don't read any of this edgy shit.

Chronic sadness degrades the mind and ensures the insanity that claws at the prison of hopeless wonder.
A fool's affection festers in his jaded wounds, gouged by ravenous heartbreak and relentless loss.
The paradigm of loneliness crowns silence, while sentencing those who wretch in the darkness to hold uncanny resentment.

Live in your head long enough, and soon the walls that imprison you in reality falter, ravel, and descend. All that remains is a haven of illogical fascination.

Woke up from a deep sleep lost in a violet fray, my ambitions marinating in a rouge abyss, while chasing jaded dreams in a verdant memory.
A myriad of valleys lined with decadent regret.
Hell and heaven are what you make them.
Let me show you what my banner means.
Life is but the struggle to outrun death.
Looking for asylum in an empty sheath.
All monsters are made by man.
Jade our miracles with tales of heroism to hide the struggle behind vivid walls of illusionary mesmerization.
Masquerade as the contemned and punished, suppress from the vesper with your colored eyes, entomb your dreams of helter-skelter, perilous oddity.
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