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The Fifteen CS:GO Commandments
The 15 CSGO Commandments:

Thou shall not play for thy frag but for thy round.
Thou shall not not over-rotate until bomb is spotted or a call is made.
Thou shall not buy awp just because thy aren't fragging with thy rifle.
Thou shall save with thy team accordingly.
Thou shall support thy teammate when needed.
Thou shall listen to strats and work with thy team.
Thou shall lurk with a purpose other than to bait.
Thou shall not peek when the bomb is down and must play the bomb timer.
Thou shall not run in one at a time.
Thou shall not spray and pray.
Thou shall not drop bomb in spawn.
Thou shall aim before thy shoot.
Thou shall not make noise around their walking teammates.
Thou shall use the mic for calls and calls only.
Thou shall be willing to learn from others.
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give knofe for free please
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Pills here
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I need myself some healing.
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Love ya man <3

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Hey. Uh. You can delete this, but I noticed a few 'shall's in your bio that should be 'shalt's. Sorry. Grammatical OCD. It's awful, don't stay in school, kids. ._.