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My name Jeff   United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Best Girlfriend in the world?????? I think so!
Oh, and this nerd's cool, too...
And welcome to Sniperofthebrine's Humble Abode.

If you're adding me for a trade, you do what I say or get nothing. No ifs, no buts, IDFC. I'm NOT going to give you my Trading offer link, you do it live or nothing.

"Oh no! *BOOM!* AAAAAARGH!!!!"

Don't add me just because I have a certain label in my name. That's not a good enough reason, you peasant. Add me if we've played together and you like my shenanigans.
I don't play CS:GO, please DON'T invite me. Thanks.

Literally NOTHING is better than Michael Rosen memes.


A once proud owner of every Strange weapon. Most of it sold on due to scammers taking the valuable ones.

Last quote of 2015
" I changed my profile pic to a girl. The character you play as in Gravity Rush "
~Conker/Torin ((At time of writing)) <-- Bunch of cuckold faggots
Their site doesn't work anymore, wonder why... Not like they were going against the Gambling Commissoner's rule of law...
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Keys or ref only, or a markettable item of similar value and worth. Cashing out, I need the money for better things. What you see is what is for trade. Make me a GOOOD offer, and I might chuck something else in...

All halloween painted items for trade aren't gonna go cheap, and I don't care for not selling them straight away. They just go up in value anyways. At LEAST 8 keys minimum, unless you can convince me otherwise for a bit lower.

These are loved items, have been used vigorously since their arrival into my inventory, and I only want them to go for a good price.
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Just some useful mods I use for Lore buildinmg and development of a comic I'm working on.

Brontocorp is a corporation that specialises in developing technology to advance the human race.
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My name
It is Jeff :Eddie:

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Android 69 (323) May 10 @ 1:31pm 
Can confirm
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loves gimp suits
Android 69 (323) Apr 17 @ 10:20am 
That's really great news, terrific even!
kareem Apr 17 @ 8:08am 
gay frogs will rule the world
Robot 68 (77 ref) Oct 27, 2017 @ 10:05am 
+rep screamed my name Impendium as "INPENTU" when I was changing my name a year ago and made me keep it 10/10 fune bloke
Android 69 (323) Oct 27, 2017 @ 4:28am 
+rep, was given rep :^|c