Christopher Kyle   United States
I'm not better than you, my bullets just hurt more.

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POON Shredder LFS: lmao 400 hours and you're already in platinum?
POON Shredder LFS: who are you
Mr. Giggles: who the fuck is wenk?

More about who I am:

I don't want to be the best, I don't want to be known as a hero nor a legend. I just want people to talk about the greatest snipers that have ever played and say, "Hey, remember that Wenk guy? He was pretty good too," you know?

I'm 11 and I wait till my dad goes to bed then I take his iPad into the attic and I hang upside down like a bat bustin pee out my nuts. I like bustin out tha window too so I can hide it but my neighbor Mr. Murphey saw me do that once so I gotta pump the breaks on that kinda like I pump mad pee out my wiener in a sex way. Also if anybody needs any dead dogs i have a backyard full of them because i built this crazy dog catapult that i used to launch at least 50 of those little fuckers at my fence trying to paint it a new shade of red, didnt work out though because dried blood needs turns into a weird brown color. Anyway, if you want any of them hit me up, just need to find my shovel which i've nicknamed "divorce attourney" because he's very good at his job lol ;) also send me a pm if you have a "dog problem" <@;)

edit: not sure how to help you if you're having obedience problems with your pets unless you want me to launch those sons of bitches 150 mph at my new brown fence and bury them with the other dogs so they could learn a lesson. I could do that for you but im guessing you want to keep them which idk why you would because the government is putting microphones in everyone's dogs. speaking of which, i had to put my dog down today to find that fucking microphone the government put in him and it's got me in a bad mood. found the microphone though. speaking of the government, i can tell you straight up that the 9/11 planes were holograms. they werent even good holograms. also the buildings were made of c4 and dick cheney hit the detonator button with his ballsack. so if you want to blame smeone, blame osama bin laden for selling us the c4 and blame tupac for the holograms. see the link below for more details.

As for my team, I think they've all come very far. Can't cum as far as me though, I bust nuts from across the room and hit my cat while he's sleeping. He freaks out every time, it's fucking hilarious, the only downside is I have to wash him afterwards. I got so many boners during puberty that the school board paid my family to homeschool me which was awkward because I grew up Mormon and I didn't know which teacher was my biological mom so it was weird figuring out which boners I was supposed to regret. I'll tell you one boner the government regrets, its 9/11. That shits faker than a West Virginia public school with positive standardized testing scores.

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