Nick   Mielec, Rzeszow, Poland
FAQ: Yes, I mod for Twitch.tv/Summit1g .
Yes, my cat is an alcoholic with lung cancer.
I made you so mad that you checked my Bio.

MFW I go on VACation. Ayyyy lmaoooo. <3 u Valve.

Also got banned from a Rust server during this event.
I got unbanned after the admin saw my Video and this gif. [i.imgur.com]

i7 6700k @ 4.4
16 GB DDR4 2133MHz RAM
Steelseries Apex
Steelseries Sensei RAW - Won from Summit's Giveaway :D

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ʇǝǝʎ Oct 31, 2018 @ 12:10pm 
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RobtheMag Jun 17, 2018 @ 6:56pm 
Your boy has a pc now
k.Log Apr 21, 2018 @ 11:45am 


Grizzly Mar 4, 2018 @ 11:56pm 
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ʇǝǝʎ Dec 29, 2017 @ 3:32pm 
Hello am 48 year man from somalia. Sorry for my bed england. I selled my wife for internet connection for play "conter strik" and i want to become the goodest player like you I play with 400 ping on brazil and i am global elite 2.
k.Log Jun 6, 2017 @ 8:20am 
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