Simon "SnaBe" Sørensen   Fyn, Denmark
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Hey I'm SnaBe, welcome to my PC master race Steam profile.
I'm a part time indie game, software & web developer. :JuniorDeveloper:

Currently studying to become a software engineer. :SeniorDeveloper:

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Note: I used to make custom bots, but I've decided to focus on university, my part-time job, and other hobbies then programming. I'm also working on turning my programming hobby into a profession and sometimes I just need a little time off to cool my head. And one of those times is now, this means I won't be online on Steam for a long time coming. I'm also pretty busy at the moment & have higher priorities in life than working on a Steam related project. The reason is that I'm pretty much burnt out on Steam Bots, they are the reason I started with programming and researching on how to code them have taught me a lot throughout the years. However, I'm no longer motivated to work on Steam related projects, and will, therefore, terminate any orders I've gathered over the past two weeks. I will, however, keep the API running, make sure it stays updated and usable. But I'm not sure if I'll ever get around to finish the rest of, perhaps in the near future. I might return at a later date when I find the time or the motivation to do so. I hope you understand, best regards SnaBe.

Edited 05-09-2019
General information
➤What's my hobby/work?:
:gem: I enjoy making fun little video games, websites & bots for Steam / Twitter in my free time.
:gem: All my premade work can be demonstrated, I have no reason to be a fruad.
:gem: I can make custom websites or bots for you, even teach you game development. (Paid)
:gem: If I've sold you something, giving me an honest review on my trust page is highly appreciated, negative reviews are welcome aswell, as long you actually had a negative experience.

➤ Before you add me, read this:
:gem: I don't accept unsolicited invites, leave a comment if it's urgent.
:gem: If I accept your friend request, please know that it doesn't mean I won't remove you later.
:gem: I'm often unable to write back to those that leave comments as your profile settings don't allow it.

➤ Games, websites, bots & business:
:gem: For games, websites, bot and business related questions, post a comment!
:gem: If you have ideas/requests or feedback, leave a comment on my wall, twitter or email me! :LTTR:
:gem: Signing & SFM posters are usually limited to donaters. Otherwise in my free giveaways.
:gem: I'd rather keep the pub experience as normal as possible. Please don't follow me into servers.

➤ Confirm it's me:
:checkmark: Account created on 27th April 2013
:checkmark: 1830+ TF2 hours
:checkmark: 2470+ Cs:Go hours
:checkmark: Level 102 on Steam

➤ Information about me:
Steam ID > STEAM_0:1:64828400
Steam 64 ID > 76561198089922529
Steam 3 ID > U:1:129656801

I don't have any VAC bans.
I'm not trade banned.
I don't have any community bans.
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