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Léonard   Ile-de-France, France
Currently playing for MAXISAUCISSE

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Counter Strike Global Offensive
Past Team:

- TopGun (Froyge, Bodyy, Jessy, Masta, Smyli)
- Worth it (Hpx, Nad, Frenchi, akin, Smyli)
- Eshock (Froyge, Masta, Frenchi, akin, Smyli)
- Brussels Guardians (shaD, ZANDK, awokkk, LynnoX, SmyLi)
- Asus Rog (AM, Faris, Styff, Anyone, Coco,SmyLi)
- Ecorp (Kenshax, Metal, waneg, wallax, SmyLi)
- Vexed.WGG(Roombang, NPK, Jarod, Allum3tte, SmyLi)
-Limitless (Kan4, Maka, LoWkii, polox, SmyLi)



2014 :

.Top 3 Ludus Lan 13 with INTERNET (Faris, Devil, Belette, akin, Smyli)


.Top 3 Ultimate Arena #5 with Do it ! (Maidhen, Delanay, Dingo, akin, Smyli)

2016 :

.Top 1 Ultimate Arena #10 with Queen Conso (XPG, AM, Set, Allu, Smyli)
.Top 1 ESGI Lan #1 with ??? (AM, Shigeru, agaiN, UndiZz, Smyli)
.Top 1 VirtuaLan with Oink Oink (Maidhen, Cartoo, WeshCoco, Kadaj, Smyli)
.Top 3 DH Tours 2016 with Red Instinct (Maidhen, Laaw, Malek, Lowki, Smyli)
.Top 3 Breaking Lan with 3D (Wallax, Sven, Madc, Hadji, Smyli)

2017 :

.Top 3 Geek Days with Tortue Ninja (Polox, Meta, Xpg, Jarod, SmyLi)
.Top 1 PxL 47 with Queen Consolidated (Xpg, Meta, Pase52, Allumete, SmyLi)
.Top 1 Giv Lan with Queen Consolidated (Xpg,Meta, Allumete, IM, SmyLi)
.Top 9/12 WESG Europe Barcelona with LIMITLESS (Lowki, kan4, Maka, Polox, SmyLi)
.Top 3/4 ESL French National Championship with LIMITLESS (Lowki, kan4, Maka, Polox, SmyLi)



.Top 7 - EPS Qosmio 2013 ; TopGun (froyge, jessy, masta, smyli, bodyy) - 2013.


.Top 1 SKYLLA September with E-corp Bumpers ( SmyLi, Metal, Wallax, Waneg, KenShaX )


.Top 1 Underdogs Saison 5 with LIMITLESS (Lowki, kan4, Maka, Polox, SmyLi)


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bunter0monster Jun 9 @ 1:25am 
added about invite you to secret pracc group T2
!Fyunux! / Artwork creator May 29 @ 9:53am 
Good map Training: Bot Aim V4C :D
Zbychu juz zdech May 14 @ 2:38pm 
fAcecAt is shit
Seidtz auto May 9 @ 3:14am 
Hello, one guy is quit csgo trading and csgo at all(cause of last update) so he's giving skins giveaway. One person - one skin. His link in my profile bro
LaSt[G] May 4 @ 5:05am 
sign me pls))
antianti May 2 @ 3:30am 
sign pls