SmyLi ツ
Léonard   Ile-de-France, France
Currently Free Agent

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Counter Strike Global Offensive
Past Team:

- TopGun (Froyge, Bodyy, Jessy, Masta, Smyli)
- Worth it (Hpx, Nad, Frenchi, akin, Smyli)
- Eshock (Froyge, Masta, Frenchi, akin, Smyli)
- Brussels Guardians (shaD, ZANDK, awokkk, LynnoX, SmyLi)
- Asus Rog (AM, Faris, Styff, Anyone, Coco,SmyLi)
- Ecorp (Kenshax, Metal, waneg, wallax, SmyLi)
- Vexed.WGG(Roombang, NPK, Jarod, Allum3tte, SmyLi)
-Limitless (Kan4, Maka, LoWkii, polox, SmyLi)



2014 :

.Top 3 Ludus Lan 13 with INTERNET (Faris, Devil, Belette, akin, Smyli)


.Top 3 Ultimate Arena #5 with Do it ! (Maidhen, Delanay, Dingo, akin, Smyli)

2016 :

.Top 1 Ultimate Arena #10 with Queen Conso (XPG, AM, Set, Allu, Smyli)
.Top 1 ESGI Lan #1 with ??? (AM, Shigeru, agaiN, UndiZz, Smyli)
.Top 1 VirtuaLan with Oink Oink (Maidhen, Cartoo, WeshCoco, Kadaj, Smyli)
.Top 3 DH Tours 2016 with Red Instinct (Maidhen, Laaw, Malek, Lowki, Smyli)
.Top 3 Breaking Lan with 3D (Wallax, Sven, Madc, Hadji, Smyli)

2017 :

.Top 3 Geek Days with Tortue Ninja (Polox, Meta, Xpg, Jarod, SmyLi)
.Top 1 PxL 47 with Queen Consolidated (Xpg, Meta, Pase52, Allumete, SmyLi)
.Top 1 Giv Lan with Queen Consolidated (Xpg,Meta, Allumete, IM, SmyLi)
.Top 9/12 WESG Europe Barcelona with LIMITLESS (Lowki, kan4, Maka, Polox, SmyLi)
.Top 3/4 ESL French National Championship with LIMITLESS (Lowki, kan4, Maka, Polox, SmyLi)



.Top 7 - EPS Qosmio 2013 ; TopGun (froyge, jessy, masta, smyli, bodyy) - 2013.


.Top 1 SKYLLA September with E-corp Bumpers ( SmyLi, Metal, Wallax, Waneg, KenShaX )


.Top 1 Underdogs Saison 5 with LIMITLESS (Lowki, kan4, Maka, Polox, SmyLi)


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I can give my Butterfly Knife Tiger Tooth ft for all of your csgo graffities and cases (Im collecting them) so if it's ok for you send me trade offer please. Link in my bio
Mašľo <3 Sep 3 @ 11:32am 
Hacker report an pls gaben ban hilm hacker smurf stop play
tEO Sep 3 @ 7:38am 
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Glöckner Aug 20 @ 7:18am 
Sign me pls
cracks Aug 3 @ 3:06pm 
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SpekR Jul 27 @ 4:42am 
use W on DM noob no skill