Somerset, United Kingdom (Great Britain)

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University student // Studying Media and Communication
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"I got high and saw the lama from fortnite flying around my room" - Brandon

"You know when you put your lips together and you're gagging?" - Dax

"Why are you so aids? what have I done?" - Timpa after we spammed star wars music and floated through his fun event in a flying no grav chair and flew into his training with a milennium falcon

"I'm so cold" - Myself
"Why did you join 91st then" - Trasko

"Smooley, stop throwing snowballs at people or I will kill you and take your items" - Massdefender in Minecraft

"You attacked Darth Nicholous" - Dragoon

"Herooooow" - Beaver

"Hoiiiii" - Eagle

"Voodoo Music" - Alex Hudson

"Yeah my Skyrim crashes a lot" - Rexar after installing 329495 mods

"N" - Welshirino

"*burp*" - Tanks

"I sound 12 when I speak" - Random college kid 1
"I sound like a fetus when I speak" - Random college kid 2
"Fetus' don't speak, why are we surrounded by this" - Me

"WTF THAT HOUSE HAS TWIGS FOR ITS ROOF" - Rxe after seeing houses where I live... he doesn't know what thatch is

"This is Smooley trying to get promoted in Jedi" - Tanks

"Smooley laughs at me, it's very mean :(" - Sneaky

"If they arent fit for tryouts they shouldnt have battlearmor on and then get a prober trainer" - Nexus

"He looks like someone who would take part in the women's march" - Seth

"Smooley is TheLegend27" - Tanks

*loud fart noise* - Cargo Shorts 2k17

"I'm gonna do a line of aids" - Beaver

"Jachke" - Dax

"Why did I spent time making this" - Lee after getting a Snapchat BitMoji

"Hello Alex you stinky N*******" - Ben just before getting kicked out of college

"Holy shit it's chorley" - Myself/Keene after looking at a broken town in HLF2

"(OOC) Delta 40 XO l Fixer l Tomery: RC Rifle suckds more dick than the kids on Jim will fix it" - Tomery

"CT PVT 5462 Pimple: i em prittey suer that a i shoot moer friendeley than enemimes" - Pimple

"[Comms] PancakeSnake: Master Yoda please make your way to the GAO to explain your "behaviour" around your younglings" - Momo

"I'll be back now" - Connor


"NANI?!" - Lee

"Lotta fans want to f*** her" - Pyplex talking about Ahsoka
"She is like 14 in the show sicko" - Me
"Even better then Smooley" - Krumple

[Comms] Jedi Knight Kisuke: If you see an Pod Racer dont shoot it. Master Skywalker is in it.

"Sorry about the event, it was a bit rushed" - Admintellall (Mono)
"Yeah I can see that, I am standing in a room full of man-hacks" - Myself

*Tanks Connects*
*Times out*
*Tanks1 joins the channel*
*Tanks joins the channel*
*both time out*
- Repeat this 40 times, you have MVG Tanks.

"You just cucked me hard Smooley" - Sneaky playing as a Sith, I shot him in my ship and he insta-died.

[Comms] 501st MJR 2643 angt: GIANT Skywalker in hostile base

"My knee hurts" - Alex
"Why" Friends and I
"I was in the attic, didnt see the hole, fell down, smacked my knee off the ladder and fell to the floor" - Alex

DEAD* NinjaNugget smooley got taken to schooley
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"You were constantly saying you wanted to listen to the cowboy song?" - Taz talking about drunk me

"Has anyone done the readings" - Lecturer
5% votes yes
10% votes some
85% votes no

*joins TTT server*
"I bet Momo will follow now Smooley is here" - Tithal
*Momo joins server 15 seconds later*
"Fucking told you" - Tithal

"Give him a tip, here" - drunk me
*hands chicken nugget to uber driver*
"Jake, you cant tip him nuggets" - Taz

*spends entire night walking around with bowl on head calling myself buzz lightyear*

"I’d rather lick a ball sack than have a shot of sambuca" - Jack Ellis

*goes clubbing and wakes up with a blow up alien guarding my alcohol*
"What the fuck"

*Casually explains to my Canadian friend that I've applied to study abroad for a semester*
"Where too?" - Jess
*Says location in Canada*
"Yikes" - Me

*Looks around randomly and sees a full sized dalek just sat on some balcony near my media building*

"Neyooo" - Emma's attempt at saying no

*Taz casually staring at me whilst holding a party hat*
"You know you're really starting to creep me out" - Myself

"What do you want to do?" - Vincent
"Well I was explaining then you tabbed out faster than a black guy finding out he's pregnant" - Alex Hudson
"What?" - Me

"That tower ride reminds me of a big lamb kebab thingy that spins around" - Taz

"John Jewell is a mad lad" - Literally every student in my lectures

"If I say 'Where are you from' like 'From, where are you' does it sound more Welsh?"
"No it sounds like Yoda" - People in my course

*Playing mario kart*
"I want to play the gay yoda" - Taz
*picks pink yoshi*

*On fairground ride with Emma, seat doesnt lock*
"Oh well nevermind" - Both of us
*Ride has us bumping around everywhere then at the end we push the bar down to unlock it turns out it can lock and we are lucky people amen*

*Taz knocks cup of water down some random strangers house whilst house viewing*
"I'm so sorry" - Taz
*loud af laughter from Becca*

"Propper sausage fest that is" - Jack Ellis

"You told me to make sure you only spend £5 on maccies minimum but then you walked off by yourself and ended up with a fuck ton more than that. Ffs Jake" - Seif

"Here have £20" - My drunk cousin just giving money to strangers

*Gets a call from Taz & Becca at 3am*
"Jakkee we loooove you"
"Jake can we come to star wars"
"Jake have you ever played little big planet"
*taz singing queen in the background*
"Jake she is scaring me she's singin- frankiieeeeeee"
"I dropped my phone in the loooooooo" - Taz
"How dare he stand there and be a cat" - Taz talking about her cat
"Harry is a cuuunt Jake"
"jesus christ you guys are smashed" - myself

"Come to Swansea we can do this and that and this and that and this and that" - Taz going overdrive mode

"Here you are" - old boss passes me single JD that I asked for
"You know it's his birthday today" - friend
"Oh, in that case" - old boss takes glass, empties it and fills it to the top of JD
"Get that down ye"
I died.

"Smonkly" - Rxe

"My brother owes me money and he told me to have some chicken nuggets to make me happy" - Angry Jack Ellis

"Jake I got hooch in my eyes and my hair and my bag is broke" - Taz

"Traps are hot" - Dank
"Is that why you liked Tomo so much" - My epic response

"Which Uni did you apply for in Canada" - Jess
*says the name*
"I GO THERE" - Jess after like squealing

"Epic news guys, the vending machines have been installed" - Uni lecturer

"I have ket" & "How's your farm going" - Rex's first words to me in 2019

"I'm sorry for what you're about to see" - Seth after sending a disturbing picture of himself in drag

"I get to dissect a sheeps heart on Friday" - Eagle
"At least you ain't making posters anymore" - Me to eagle after he complained for weeks about just making posters

"One of the best headers a student came up with for this topic was 'The US of May', can anyone think of any better" - Lecturer
"50 Shades of may" - Lewis

Yíkeș: hey
Smooleyy: do you like anime :)
Yíkeș: ofc
Smooleyy: epic!
Smooleyy: im watching my favourite anime
Yíkeș: whats that
Smooleyy: Understanding Journalism: Lecture 4
Yíkeș: lmao

*On league talking about food*
"I only eat Ahsoka Tano Pop Vinyl® on bread"

*Queen night ends*
"PLAY MORE QUEEEEN" - Entire club
*Radio gaga plays*

"May the keyboard are broken" - Random spanish league man
"May the keyboard be with you" - Rxe

"I hope bart runs it down mid" - Eagle talking about the League simpsons episode

*Watching some anime thing with group of friends*
"Omg he's gonna die to a wig" - Lee
"... I guess I'm dead" - Anime character falling off building after uppercut by a wig

Rxe's Twitch:
> 15 pound goal for a OTOTO Clean Dreams Kitchen Sponge Holder
> 2 pound goal for a 4 pack of pot noodle
> 1.49 pound goal for a pack of soothers
"Hey guys I'm just going to praise my homeland" - Cancels out all music/gameplay and just shows an Islamic sign with Arabic music in the background

"Mate I smoke 4 in the morning with a can of carling to wash it down" - Ollie

*Megumin casually walks past and you can hear anime from his mic in-game*

*Alex casually has his push to talk off and you can hear anime from his mic in discord*

*Someone edits my assignment to write some theory about "Zar Zar Binks" on it*

17:43:45 - Jedi Guardian Mikkel: Many people find their dialect funny, as it doesn't seem like words.
(LOOC) Jedi General Anakin Skywalker: thats what I think of the Scottish Mikkel

"I don't really get drunk that easily" - Sam
*first person to get smashed and lose themselves in the loo* = Sam

"I'm a child" - Eagle
"No, you're an 80 year old man" - Keene

"Looks like they are in a boxing match" - Keene describing a Game of thrones love scene

*Rxe's dad sends him a text*
"You don't even know how god damn sexy you are"

"Bye, have fun grinding. GL Yoda" - Mono
*joins imperial like a day later*

*Watching Alien*
- Young John Hurt goes flying
- Summit1g Dies
- Alien fingers character's bum
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