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Unlocked Jun 29 @ 5:27pm

Welcome to MotorNation

This time we'll be generous! You have completed the 1st Episode of the Live Xtrem Series.
Unlocked Jul 7 @ 12:32am

Ruler of the Streets

Beat Tio Marquez, The Street Racing king
Unlocked Jul 1 @ 8:26pm

Master of the Line

Beat Clarence Bishop the Third, the Pro Racing heir
Unlocked Jul 8 @ 5:11pm

Creative Thinker

Beat Sofia, the Freestyle queen
Unlocked Jul 8 @ 4:56pm

Double Down

Beat Tucker Morgan, the Offroad champ
Unlocked Jul 1 @ 6:12pm

Coast to Coast

Complete the New York Hypercar event
Unlocked Jun 29 @ 6:52pm

First Autograph

Earn enough followers to reach Popular level
Unlocked Jun 29 @ 8:40pm

Press Conference

Earn enough followers to reach Famous level
Unlocked Jun 30 @ 12:27pm

Rising Star

Earn enough followers to reach Star level
Unlocked Jun 30 @ 9:40pm

The Man, the Myth, the Legend

Earn enough followers to reach Icon level
Unlocked Jul 4 @ 12:09pm

Are you a God? (Say yes)

Earn enough followers to reach Icon 50 level
Unlocked Jun 29 @ 8:19pm

Paint Don't Hurt

Change the color of one vehicle in your home
Unlocked Jul 5 @ 6:18pm

The Collector

Own 30 different vehicles
Unlocked Jul 1 @ 12:26am

Jack of all trades

Complete one Event in each discipline (Main Game)
Unlocked Jul 8 @ 4:56pm


Complete each skill type (Main Game)
Unlocked Jun 29 @ 6:48pm

I Must Break You

Beat a friend's highlight (best score of a friend)
Unlocked Jun 30 @ 12:32pm

Hard way to hell

Complete an event on hard difficulty
Unlocked Jun 29 @ 5:55pm

Social Butterfly

Complete an event while in a crew
Unlocked Jun 29 @ 9:26pm

Easy Rider

Earn 500 Followers through stunts in Freedrive
Unlocked Jul 1 @ 8:39pm

Reality Check

You’ve spent 24 whole hours in our virtual world. We thought you should know.
Unlocked Jun 29 @ 7:12pm

Drift Like a Tester

Score 100.000 PTS or more in any drift event
Unlocked Jun 29 @ 7:40pm

Act Like a Game Designer

Redo the same event at least 3 times in a row
Unlocked Jul 7 @ 1:07am

Act Like an Art Director

Take a picture outside of any photo op just for fun, because it looks good
Unlocked Jul 8 @ 2:25pm

The End is Nigh

Go to the far edge of the world
Unlocked Jul 4 @ 7:15pm

Ride the Jewels

Drive more than 2km in a row with the most expensive car (Main Game)
Unlocked Jul 5 @ 5:48pm

Max Out Fury Load

Reach Max Level for One of your Vehicles (Main Game)
Unlocked Jun 29 @ 6:42pm


Drive 50 KM in a row in a crew
Unlocked Aug 7 @ 6:51pm

Act like a Narrative Designer

Unlock all the pieces and watch a full narrative reward
Unlocked Jul 4 @ 2:21pm

Ghost Bustin' 2

Beat a rival or a friend’s ghost
Unlocked Jul 10 @ 7:15pm

Epic Win

Upgrade your vehicle with epic parts only

That's a Wrap!

Complete The Grand Finale

Pics or it didn’t Happen

Complete 40 Photo Ops

Leap of Faith, No Straw

Do a 100 meter jump on a bike

Binge Watching

Complete the full season of the Live Xtrem Series