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It works, just not well. Personally for me the menu is a nice change. I know some won't agree with that, but for the most part things have moved much faster for me with the new dial menu. I can play without any major lag, but to be fair I have a GTX 1080 & i7-6700k. Frames are a bit lower than what I'm use to when playing on ultra, but it's smooth.

If you just can't wait and want to enjoy the game, I suggest lowering the graphics and possibly the resolution as well (this will cause text to get blury) to make a smoother experience until the devs optimize it a bit more. Additionally there are quite a few bugs and the game crashes frequently on me. For instance the old Ford truck has a problem where the timing cover won't let you add the gear or chain, you have to move the camera past the timing cover to actually add the chain and gear back first.

The same truck also causes my game to crash every time I get in it, whether it be on the test track or test path. Other than those annoyances, it's enjoyable to play and I feel like it has a lot of potential if the devs put as much time and effort into it as they did CMS15. Here is to hoping they keep that same passion and don't give up on the game.

tl;dr If you can't wait and want to buy it now, be prepared for crashing & poor performance, otherwise hold off until they do some patches.
Posted July 29, 2017.
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Make sure when setting your axis that your brake and gas aren't halfway or the car tries to use them at the same time. After doing that and unbinding all the keyboard keys, my Xbox One controller worked flawlessly... Well almost. There needs to be an option to set the deadzone for the sticks, my controller unfortunately sticks to the right a bit when neutral.

If you love the mobile version, you'll love this too.
Posted July 7, 2017. Last edited January 18.
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Definitely the best hunting simulator on PC, but it's extremely exepensive, even if you optimize your missions and everything else, you'll end up spending real money eventually and a lot of it. Wish they'd find a better business model because besides the absurd amount of money you need to dump into this, it's a pretty amazing game.
Posted July 6, 2017.
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Soldat & Counter-Strike had a baby, and they named it BRAIN / OUT
Posted March 5, 2017.
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Use to play this all the time when I was younger, hilarious game. Unfortunately this release is sloppy and it's a clear indication someone just wanted cash for it. If you're upset, but you really want to play it instead of refunding, do this:

1. Download erampage
2. zip the steam RR files and delete the folders but keep the .bat file
3. Put erampage files in the steam folder
4. drag the REDNECK.grp from the zip you made earlier of the steam files
5. Change the .bat file to have only this text: "erampage.exe"
6. Launch from steam.

Sounds like a lot of work, but it's a fairly quick and easy process. With this you'll get hires (as good as they can be) textures, widescreen support, and resolutions up to 1080p (possibly higher). I just tried it out and was able to play with no flickering or anything and the game looked great. Still giving this a thumbs down though for the poor quality of the steam release, especially since the GOG ran just fine, albeit not as pretty as the erampage method, it still ran much better than this.

Side note, it's all legal too, you're not downloading anything that you don't already own, all erampage does is add additional features.
Posted January 6, 2017.
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So I put about 40 hours into NBA2K10 and around 20 into NBA2K11, I enjoyed both those games quite a bit. That was in the campaing alone as in either of those games the online was complete trash and if it did happen to work, it would be sluggish. I'm happy to say that just about all online issues have been ironed out for the PC. I've spent 15 hours into the game and I've only completed the first college match, the rest has been all MyPark.

As of now I'm sitting at Pro 1 and I'm slowly going up in rank, the experience has been very smooth so far. You can even deck out your character in gear from the store. It's not hard to earn gold if you play well and win, if you play poorly and win you won't get much of anything. The only downside to MyPark so far is the lack of players and I feel like that's because a lot of people are either doing quickplay matches, or the PC community is just very small due to all the previous games being done so poorly.

If you do get the game and want to try it out, I highly suggest going to sunset beach, that way you can at least get into some matches during peak times (when everyone is out of work/school). If you choose the other two, there is a low chance you'll see anyone playing frequently. Usually later in the day all the courts are full which is nice because it's easy to queue up for the next game.

I just wanted to shine some light on the multiplayer aspect of this as it's all I ever wanted in a NBA2K game for PC. It works, I enjoy it a lot, that's all that really matters to me. Nit picking the mechanics really isn't my thing as the game feels smooth as is, if you play smart you get rewarded well, if you're hitting bricks the whole game and hogging the ball, you won't be ranking up any time soon.
Posted October 5, 2016.
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Early Access Review
I use to have a family. It's ok though, the bugs are my friends now.
Posted June 28, 2016.
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The game ran fine maxed out at 1080p, even at 120FPS @ 144hz. You don't need to purchase this game for $30. You simply make an account, after making the account reload the game or hit the X in the top left corner and leave the webpage, this will take you to the menu where you click login.

From there you'll be able to see an in-game server list that will allow you to chat to other players or even create your own game. I guess the negative side of this would definitely be that the minimum you can put on a room is 3 players, and you can't make it private. So if you're looking to play with just one friend, you'll most likely have to pay to create a private room.

Among all the pool games on steam, this is one that simply doesn't require the need for "tracking lines". It feels very natural and if you know how to use english in real life you won't have any issues here.

I played for several hours with my father earlier tonight and it was a good time. We played a lot of Virtual Pool 3 back in the day so this was a nice nostalgia trip. I guess my review could be a bit skewed due to the nostalgia, but as far as technical issues I haven't ran into any. Take the review for what you will, all I can do is be honest about my experience with the game.
Posted June 21, 2016.
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Never played ETS2, the only game I have this to compare to is 18 wheels of steel and it's light years better than that. Also I've put quite a few hours into the Multiplayer mod and it seems the one from ETS2 was just ported over as it hasn't had nearly as many bugs/glitches as you'd expect for something of that nature to be out only a few days of the game's release.

Arizona and a few more trucks are coming relatively soon, I just hope SCS sticks with it and pulls off all the states possible. Hopefully we get the cab customization and other features down the road as well.
Posted February 8, 2016.
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Early Access Review
Changing my review to not recommended, it was a joke review to start with, but this one is serious. The gameplay as far as simulation itself is the best you'll find in any fishing game, much like theHunter. Also much like theHunter though, the devs decided to go the route of "pay to win".

I've dumped a lot of hours into this game and I thoroughly enjoyed it, but instead of being smart about their microtransactions like adding more customization through paying, or simply keeping the subscription model and make it worthwhile, they went the paywall route.

No matter how good you are at this game (Believe me, I have no problem catching fish as of the most recent patch.) you'll never be ahead and that's horrible balancing and shows that they're having financial issues. It's a bit unsettling what they did with the coins and if you play frequently you're going to have to spend a lot, as the coins are to advance to the next day after you fill your net (Even with a large net it doesn't take long if you're good.)

What once was an amazing fishing simulator and I would have easily recommended it to friends, quickly became a cash grab and that's upsetting. I had high hopes for the game and company; however, I doubt anything will change their mind on the way they currently have it set up.

I would have easily, and did, buy bundles or cosmetics. Even having "tackle boxes" that had random loot in them like CSGO except you get lures/rod skins/clothing would have been awesome, but no, they decided to put you behind a paywall instead.
Posted August 27, 2015. Last edited June 30, 2017.
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