Matthew Dwyer   New Zealand
I am working on the bot and the web interface. If you need support, can you please post in my official support forum for now? I want to fix issues in the bot which in turn could fix your issue. The support requests are numerous and make it difficult to work on the bot coherently. Thank you for your patience.

Sorry if I've unfriended you >.< I only have a max 300 friends and too many friends. If you really need to message me, email works, visit for that, send me another friend request or friend me on Discord. I am smegzor#9806 Also Discord doesn't forget chat history like Steam does.

If I did delete you.. welcome to the purge xD
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»PlayaH« Oct 29 @ 3:39pm 
Hello Smegzor, please can you tell me how may i display the whole map? So i can set up the reset zones with your bot if its possible? thx dude.
Smegz0r Sep 25 @ 3:11pm 
xD yep Discord doesn't have that stupid limit. I hate the limit here. I don't subscribe to the Steam BS
Kyle The Wild Sep 25 @ 6:07am 
hello tried to add you to many friends
Marflebark May 3 @ 12:30pm 
I rent a dedicated 7dtd server and want botman on it, how do I do this?
GreedyBiscuit Apr 3 @ 12:37am 
I paid for the botman service just adding you on steam for support if needed, just waiting for it to come off pending
Smegz0r Mar 10 @ 5:01pm 
Yep ^^