Harrison   Alabama, United States

Huge thanks to Lints and MANLYwhiteMAN for the VERY generous gifts.

6's Teams
S19 UGC Steel Pocket Main (Jagermeister) (2nd Place)
S20 UGC Gold Pocket Sub (Quite Frequently) (Died)
S21 ESEA Open Pocket Main (Enervaters)
S21 UGC Silver Pocket Main (Cold Ice) (2nd Place)
S22 ESEA Open Pocket Sub (Short Bus All Stars) (Left)
S22 UGC Platinum Pocket Main (Cold Ice) (Second Half of Season)
S23 ESEA Open Pocket Main (MarmaDog TF2) (Left)
S23 ESEA Intermediate Pocket Sub (Every Villain is Lemons)
S24 ESEA Intermediate Pocket/Scout Main (Punchline) (Died)
S24 UGC Silver Pocket Main (Jagermeister 2.0) (1st Place!!!)
S25 UGC Platinum Pocket Main (Vanilla Dice)
S27 ESEA Open Pocket Main (7up Esports)
S28 ESEA Open Pocket/Scout Main (Jagermeister 3.0)

Highlander Teams
S16 UGC Steel Soldier Main (Fallen Angles)
S18 UGC Steel Demo Main (Whale Mart)
S19 UGC Steel Soldier Main (Whale Mart)
S20 UGC Silver Soldier Main (Whale Mart)
S21 UGC Silver Soldier Main (Whale Mart)
S22 UGC Silver Soldier Main (Pop Your Pipes) (1st Place!!!)
S22 UGC Silver Allstar Soldier
S23 UGC Silver Soldier Main (There We Go!) (Died)
S23 UGC Platinum Soldier Sub (Aplbes)
S24 UGC Platinum Soldier Main (Wallop)
S25 UGC Platinum Soldier Main (The Grease Police)

Things To Accomplish In TF2
☑Play Open
☑Play IM
☐Play Invite
☑Win Silver 6's and Highlander in one season
☑Get 100k kills on my Australium Rocket Launcher
☑Get 50k airshots on my Australium Rocket Launcher
☐Get 50k kills on my Festive Black Box
☐Get my Strange Conchorer to Hales Own
☐Get 50k kills on my Strange Festive Shotgun
☐Get 100k kill on my Australium Scattergun
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