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Good Days Nov 17 @ 7:04am 
-rep cheat
makaka Oct 27 @ 12:39pm 
-rep дно с софтом
RELAX.BED.GAMING♿xknight Aug 3 @ 2:03am 
+rep add me when u come back, i need active players and my friends list is full we have contact on facebook:), add me on facebook Marius Madsen Ursin. Its just that i hope u understand, its hard for me to find people to play with when 70% of my friendslist are gone for long time.. i dont like to clean up, but i has to because i dont wanna solo que. i have removed 80% because of unnactive accounts. Since my main game is csgo and cs2 now, you can always take contact if you wanna play those games or other reasons:), its because we can have contact on facebook. and if you want to play\game with me, you can add me. so if you wanna play with me, you can add me back. i start from scratch.
RELAX.BED.GAMING♿xknight Jul 13 @ 12:13pm 
+rep once upon a time long time ago there was a cs player
tv/smoketil1mhigh Sep 22, 2022 @ 2:13pm 
+rep good man :steamthumbsup:
elä vejä Aug 6, 2022 @ 12:43pm 
-rep megahomo