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Putler must learn strategy and not play CoD...


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best ass ingame (I wait on this since 2016)
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Blondes have not more fun!
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Black Desert online gameplay with hottie doll
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あさひ のぼる Jul 3 @ 1:56am 
That sounds exciting 🔥.
Plus I think it will be a great way to learn more about music.
Even if you're playing games, it's great that you're making the most of your time ✨.
Сalm the call of our fear Jul 3 @ 1:28am 
:steamthis::steamthumbsup::sunnyRV:Have a nice day!:sunnyRV::steamthumbsup::steamthis:
あさひ のぼる Jul 1 @ 11:18pm 
I turn off the game background music when I play a game and listen to different music.
Recently I've been listening to the newly released Kendrick Lamar album.
I don't understand the lyrics but I think the world's No.1 beat is amazing.
But the song I think is really good is Sunflowe by Post Malone, Swae Lee.
If you haven't tried this method, it might be interesting to give it a go.
Have a nice weekend.✨🎶✨:DjTable:ฅʕ•ᴥ•ʔฅ:DjTable:✨🎶✨
Faithy Jul 1 @ 2:11pm 
Andùril⁸⁷ Jul 1 @ 7:46am 
Life is better when you are happy.
But life is the best
when other people are happy because of you.
Be inspired, give peace
and share your smile with everyone.
Have a Nice Weekend!
GoodEvilArchangel Jun 30 @ 10:51am 
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