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¡Gusto en conocerte!, como mi nombre lo dice arriba, soy Skully-Shie soy una persona amigable en muchos casos, trato de dar lo mejor de mi para las personas que me importan, aunque el costo de eso sea nada, me esfuerzo cada dia por moverme adelante, he madurado, fisica y mentalmente, busco conocer nuevas personas como tu, el que esta de stalker viendo mi perfil, aveces dependiendo lo grave del problema que hayamos tenido tu y yo suelo ser rencoroso, aunque aveces acepto las disculpas de la gente que a pesar del gran daño que me han hecho les doy unas oportunidades, dependiendo de como seas claro.. espero poder serte de ayuda para calmar tu tristeza, alegrarte tu dia y posiblemente la vida, aprieta el botòn de "Agregar amigo" si deseas conocerme bien!~
Nice to meet you! As my name says above, I am Skully-Shie, I'm a friendly person in many cases, I try to give the best of myself for the people that matter to me, although the cost of That is nothing, I try every day to move forward, I have matured, physically and mentally, I seek to meet new people like you, who is seeing my profile right now, in many cases depending on the seriousness of the problem between you and me. I tend to be spiteful, although sometimes I accept the apologies of people who despite the great damage they have done to me, I give them some opportunities, depending on how you are clear. I hope I can be of help to calm your sadness, make your day and possibly the life, press the "Add friend" button if you want to know me well!~

Name : It's a secret~
Age : Ask me~
Living on : Look up~
Likes : Videogames, food, walk, run, stay down on the rain, birds, bunnies, dogs, cuddles, hugs, kiss uwu
Dislike : Bad person, annoying guys, cheaters, infidelity, backstabbers

Relationship status: Wut..? Wut the fuck!

My instagram, follow me!~

~Best friends~
Asriel Dreemur

Later I'll add more on this list n_n

-:MvM Aussies Drop/Good Drops:-
32..- Fabricator PROF KS Rocket Launcher
143..-Grenade Launcher + SMG PROF KIT

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Bunneer Mar 22 @ 8:48am 
¿Por qué tanto drama? lmao
OriginallyOrigins Mar 16 @ 8:10pm 
Hey bolty... Me preguntaba si podria añadirte denuevo..?
rina_uwu Mar 14 @ 6:24am 
HEY, YOU! YES, YOU! i hope u have a great day and be sure to stay hydrated! luv u! uwu :nekoheart:
rina_uwu Mar 11 @ 3:14am 
Haihai! Have a nice day, friend uwu :nekoheart:
Nyoom Mar 9 @ 10:58pm 
Oh I don't speak spanish and we don't really speak spanish here sorry :(
Nyoom Mar 9 @ 7:45am 
Hrllo hello why add? :o