Oklahoma, United States
You'll typically find me playing or trading in Rocket League, but I also like to play games like Team Fortress 2, Borderlands Series, Lego Games, Battleblock Theater, etc.

FYI: Someone has impersonated me in Team Fortress 2 in the past by claiming to be a legitimate middleman for trades, and then running off with items that are given to him/her in a money transaction trade.

I have NOT done middleman services in a very long time, nor am I a current admin on ANY unusual servers or forums. Therefore, if you see somoene claiming to be me and offering middleman services, avoid them at all costs.

If the account isn't from December 2005, it isn't me.
If the account is claiming to offer middleman services, it isn't me.
Ask around for current unusual trading server/forum admins, and they'll let you know I don't admin/middleman anymore or that they have never heard of me (inactive from TF2 trading for a while now).
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