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[h1]Fight against waves of enemies to get off the island[/h1]
Full of mystery and hostile creatures island ARK left behind. It does not matter how you got into this mysterious place called Otherworld. Perhaps, you have died, or tried to escape from the is
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Created by - Skellig, Louie, and Yankee XL
zKroot Aug 15 @ 11:27am 
Hello, I have a problem with your mod. The download stops at PrimalGameData_BP. I tried to just wait, but it didn't work. I waited about 2 hours.
Just Me Aug 9 @ 5:55am 
Как вызвать волну? Помогите пожалуйста
Dark Knight May 9 @ 8:27am 
Прохожу ваш мод уже третий раз и есть 2 впороса: Как убивать риперов особенно альфа а второй : Волны с надзирателем бесконечны или нет
Skellig Apr 19 @ 10:03am 
It works fine
Dark Knight Apr 19 @ 10:03am 
Please fix mod Otherworld with PrimalGameData_BP
ggs Mar 28 @ 11:03am 
please add me back