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Nos 8 hours ago 
Australia does not exist. All things you call “proof” are actually well fabricated lies and documents made by the leading governments of the world. Your Australian friends? They’re all actors and computer generated personas, part of the plot to trick the world.
Sjru 9 hours ago 
I ain't your secretary, go figure that out in the forums.
Y2J 12 hours ago 
Error on the part of the user who sent the report to me
Nos Jun 13 @ 5:48pm 
>"nice try with scam"
azristotel Jun 10 @ 9:57am 
nice try with scam and nice profile ;)
Sjru Jun 9 @ 9:53pm 
no, I don't know you.
^Spiffing!^ Jun 9 @ 8:18pm 
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ ᖴᖇIᗴᑎᗪᒪƳ ǤᑌƳ =) ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
❤️❤️❤️❤️ᗯᗴ ᑕᗩᑎ ᗷᗴ ᖴᖇIᗴᑎᗪᔕ ❤️❤️❤️❤️
❤️❤️❤️ᖴᗝᖇ ᖴᑌ丅ᑌᖇᗴ Ǥᗩᗰᗴᔕ ❤️❤️❤️

Sjru Jun 7 @ 10:37pm 
vv that report already got handled
Orestotel Jun 6 @ 2:40pm 
Hi, please review my scam report. I saw that you are one of the steamrep admins. I just want to prevent any further scamming attempts described in my entry in steamrep.

Sjru Jun 4 @ 11:42am 
Saithinadar Jun 4 @ 3:27am 
hi mate, can you add me? just for a quick chat
Sjru May 2 @ 8:29pm 
MrPyroShark May 2 @ 2:13pm 
no hablo furry
vaultshadow May 2 @ 1:35pm 
podemos ser amigos?
Sjru May 2 @ 1:27pm 
bien owo
vaultshadow May 2 @ 12:33pm 
como te va?
Sjru Apr 27 @ 10:15am 
MrPyroShark Apr 26 @ 1:12am 
dang, rip
Sjru Apr 25 @ 6:53pm 
warisam Apr 25 @ 5:04pm 
yo dude, send me a friend request, lets play together
Sjru Apr 25 @ 11:11am 
MrPyroShark Apr 25 @ 1:47am 
MrPyroShark Apr 25 @ 1:47am 
imagine dragon deez nuts
Sjru Apr 24 @ 7:32pm 
MrPyroShark Apr 24 @ 3:03pm 
imagine dragon
SnugglyDelphox Apr 20 @ 10:10am 
My favourite Dragon type uwu
Markus is bad at video games Apr 12 @ 12:06pm 
Dragons are so good
Smirikovski Apr 10 @ 2:35pm 
this admin stole my AWP fade and bowie knife marble fade
Enoch Apr 10 @ 6:21am 
are you a trading middleman
ђєɭɭ๒๏ץ Apr 5 @ 12:48pm 
Could you contact me? Regarding steamrep...
Spacy :) Apr 4 @ 6:12pm 
Hi imy hope you’re doing well
Sjru Apr 4 @ 2:40pm 
Whispersmith Apr 4 @ 6:02am 
sup bro, lets play together, send me a friend request pls
Sjru Apr 2 @ 9:55pm 
Yeah ppl shoudl report it
⸸ANTIKHRIZT⸸ Apr 2 @ 4:43am 
Hello, I just wanted to let you know that there is a current ongoing scam with a guy that is saying he is you, I saw right through it and just wanted to let you know.
Sjru Mar 30 @ 8:01pm 
No just ask steam support lol
Rezzy Draco Mar 30 @ 7:59pm 
Hey that person is doing the same thing to me. he locked my account and is holding it ransom you are an admin could you possibly help me?
rawr¿ MOVISTAR Mar 27 @ 11:29am 
furro modo dios
Floyd-sama Mar 27 @ 8:17am 
Argentinian spanish
HappyCake Mar 24 @ 2:28pm 
Hello, i have a question regarding my steamrep ban
Sjru Mar 20 @ 9:37pm 
I know, just report it
Willonapop Mar 20 @ 4:44am 
Yo someone's using your face and name on discord to try and scam people:spycon:
Sjru Mar 16 @ 1:10pm 
ardeDezlem Mar 16 @ 4:38am 
sup bro, lets play together, send me a friend request pls
eB Feb 18 @ 8:42pm 
talked to ya on twitter
Lord Deathpain The Third Feb 14 @ 9:31am 
gwa gwa
Lappy~♥ Feb 14 @ 6:54am 
Hyvää ystävänpäivää!
kaz Feb 12 @ 2:41am 
Wanted to add you for some help regarding SteamRep