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Welcome! Most important info about me and other.
Hello Stranger! Dark Pyro Welcomes you!

If you was added to friendlist, without playing with me, or you saw my comment in your profile - Congratulations, you was stalked by me, because i found something interesting in your personality, and have a huge interest to speak.


I'm Pyro Main in TF2, and mostly playing as Pyro. Rarely, or by situations -> other classes.

Lore/Roleplay Part

Name: Sirovantes Liventor

Nickname: Dark Pyro

Age: Around 34 (Non IRL age)

Race: Blood Elf

Height : 175cm \ 5,9 ft. (Mostly prefer cm metric)

Characteristics: Not in battlefields: Calm, but being more serious person, love stalking to someone, or leading way to his brotherhood.
In battlefields: Very angry and hesitate to everyone in the area, can use magic against enemies and sometimes to teammates.

Abilities: Most of the fel magic abilites, [Demons + Warlocks + Something more? from WoW], Invisibility, shadowstep, Killing spree, [Rogue from WoW]


Dark Pyro was orignally wasn't Pyro, and he was teleported into 2Fort by his own older brother, but he was found by more expirienced Pyro, which teached him some basics and teached some tricks.
Some time later, Sirovantes started fighting against Demon Pyro (OUoTiTF), and future Dark Pyro was felt where he becoming stronger, managed to Demon's Pyro retreating. After couple days, Siro was get misterious unconscious. He met a powerfull demon which was prisoned in his body, and they make a deal, which gives to Sirovantes an additional abilites, and turned black his pyro suit. From that moment Sirovantes Liventor becames a Dark Pyro. Very dangerous and deadly Pyro.

Links to contact him

ToyHouse page! Including more backstory [toyhou.se]
Dark Pyro's Tumblr blog [sirovantes.tumblr.com]
[[b]Discord:[/b] Sirovantes#7610 [old tag] Sirovantes#5593
BlizzardTag: MotherLucker#2254
Telegram: You really want it? Becuase it's IRL Page. Ask in PM.
Dark Pyro Steam

IRL part

Name: Alex

Age: 25 y/o

From: Ukraine For people who tends to forgot to remember where i'm from

Height: Definitely smaller than my OC.

Non-important shit

I have a Blacklist of professionals in TF2, which ruining a balance in Casual games
Game time as Pyro: ~320 hours
Speaking language: English [not perfect], Russian [Main language], Ukranian
I don't like a ERP
Okay. I'm a furry. Acception: August 2017
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