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The game itself has potential and can be fun at times, however the direction and team behind it does not. I have 600+ hours between 2 accounts and this is everything you need to know about the team behind it and why it is dying already...

Scan to any point in this video from ArtemisKnives, his attitude sums up where this game is going and why.


This is your head dev people and single handedly the kind of attitude you can expect from their team. Pick a time, ANY time on this video. People ask legit questions about mind boggling issues, his response is to bash them, call names, tell them they're young and stupid and cry babies, then completely ignores the issue. We've seen patch after patch have immediate hot-fixes due to oversights and mistakes of previous implementations of things. We've seen things completely removed because rather than listen to perfectly viable reasoning on how to fix a problem from their community, their choice is to remove it or change the system fully.

There's a reason your games die, it's your attitude and your lack of concern for the longevity of said games. I've seen hundreds of awesome questions or ideas on the forums, on steam forums, and in your stream, yet you always do the same thing; dodge the question completely or bash the person for even asking the question in the first place.

I've got lots of screenshots of ArtemisKnives editing people's posts to make it say what he wants it to and I've already uninstalled the game after 600+ hours between 2 accounts. You deserve the reputation you guys have, straight up. They are immature as a whole and pride themselves on getting as many sales as you can and then saying go screw yourselves.

The best part about the video is MULTIPLE people think he's being sarcastic during MANY points in the video in chat, yet he's not, he really is that much of a jerk. It's genuinely astounding that someone with such little respect like him can be the head community manager, dev, whatever of a video game. Constantly editing posts, acting like a grade A jerk to his community and the people who buy their game, and simply ruining it in general when people give them great ideas/solutions all day long. They deserve the constant fails that are their games.

Their heads are so far up their own butts thinking everything is fine with every aspect of their game that they can't even acknowledge a SINGLE issue with a straight face or sincerity. Generally I wouldn't go to such an effort to post this, but my goodness if I could show just 1 person how much of a scumbag they really are, it was worth the time to type this, completely.

I STRONGLY recommend you do your research before buying this game, you will gravely regret your purchase when you realize who the people are behind the scenes. Artemis is already working on a different game even though they have a year-long "roadmap" that creepishly resembles the roadmap that The Division put out.

I'll give them this; They're great at stealing ideas/concepts/etc from other games and poorly attempting to make it their own and then letting it die when the money/hype train stops chuggin' along.
Posted August 9, 2016.
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