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Tony, Husband of Aileen, Owner of 🔥FireHost🔥   United States
All who have come to this profile have run from de wae. -Me
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#TheGreatWallofText ~ Read before you add me please~
:DNA: Before You Add Me // Rules :DNA:
No private profiles or level 0.
• You must be level 2 or above. Don't attempt to scam me.
• No SteamREP bans or Trade bans allowed.
• We have played or have games in common
• We have friends or groups in common
• Please do not spam me. I don't like it.
• Harassment will result in a block / unfriend.
• If you only want to start drama/unfriended me or my Mistress over old drama, you're a pathetic friend. The past is the past. If you can't accept people don't like each other within reason then screw the devil in hell.

:DNA: About Me :DNA:
• 19 year old gamer
• Misc. developer (I am fluent in many programming languages, just ask if you're interested)
• Chiptune artist, storm chaser, artist, skybox texture developer, and realism enthusiast.
• I'm the biggest video game and technology nerd you will likely meet.
• I cover music and develop servers / maps / other games, and I do SFM stuff.
• Taken by my one and only (Charming~) Plague Mistress :r_heart::clover: If you mess with her you mess with me, and I'm going to be mad if you do that~ I'm calm and caring though unless you somehow get on my bad side.

:DNA: My Achievements / Etc :DNA:
• Owner of FireHost Redux, notorious for porting the tornado map from Garry's Mod into TF2 and designing The Tornado Engine for TF2. Want some gameplay examples? Click Here!

• Member of the Report Scam URLs Steam group. If you find any phishing links and evidence I am willing to report it to their group, just send me a message saying "Can you report this link for me?" and then send the link that you believe is malicious.

• Official mapper (alongside HueZee_) of the National Heavy Boxing League [www.teamfortress.com], Join their group today !

• Proudly a weirdo who does YouTube videos! Come check me out at this wonderful place !

:DNA: Links :DNA:
Website [firehostredux.net]
My SteamREP [steamrep.com]
My Artwork
FireHost Redux

• Online -- Available
• Away -- Either not at my computer, Shopping, or I'm asleep.
• Busy -- Working, watching YouTube, or don't want to talk right now / can't talk.
• Offline -- Probably not here at all / Offline.
• #CuddlingMistress -- Definitely asleep ;)

:biohazard: A Special Thanks to the Light in My Life :biohazard:
ThePlagueMistress - My Wife
~ Dear, thank you for being here for me and for being the truly amazing and beautiful young woman you are. Whether you're backing me up in game as a medic or supporting me emotionally or guiding me in life, you are my inspiration and light every day and night to be a badass in real life and in game. I purely appreciate every single thing you do for me. Always. And as I have promised, I will never leave you. Agreeing to marrying you and asking you out was the best choice I could have ever made in my life and I am truly happy to have you as my girl~ <3


4/12/2017 - 10:17 PM - Betrix: zenyatta sounds like a talking toaster
☣BLUEGEAR☣ Apr 18 @ 5:15pm 
Can't wait to finally have all the networking devices redone. It's about time I got an overhaul on network ^^
♠ ǤɍɵɎ Γɚȋħ ♠ Apr 12 @ 11:11am 
+rep Uses dial up internet to play modded skyrim
Đeception ♡ Apr 7 @ 9:22pm 
I mean..call me bad but I've scammed a scammer before >~>