Always easier to carry 1 than 4   Canada
Comment the reason for add or I will ignore:csgox:
seriously people how do you not see this^:Man1:
tradelink^^^ xd

I also make profile artwork, yeas :gng:

So, how was your day? :yazdsmile:
My day was shit because of this :gun_noir::killpig:

Knife history
1st knife: Huntsman knife | Stained FT (Gambled from 2$) [No screenshots]
2nd knife: Falchion knife | Stained FT (Has 2 dick shapes on each side of the blade) [ ]
3rd knife: Gut knife | Doppler FN (Phase juan) [ ]
4th knife: Bowie knife | Urban Masked FT (Surprisingly got it off a trading site without losing money) [ ]
5th knife: Falchion knife | Forest DDPAT FT (Yes i like falchions so what) [ ]
6th knife: Bayonet | Safari Mesh BS (Thanks Gamekit []) [Rest in peace metjm]
7th knife: Shadow Daggers | Case Hardened BS (A nice blue)
8th knife: Gut Knife | Doppler FN (Phase 2 with a 0.007flt)
9th knife: M9 Bayonet | Night FT (Literally WW) [ ]
10th knife: Bayonet | Case Hardened FT (Heart near handle) [ ]{ Wait a minute []}
11th knife: Gut knife | Doppler FN (lots of pink) [ ]
12th knife: Bayonet | Stained FT
13th knife: M9 Bayonet | Rust Coat WW
14th knife: Butterfly Knife | Urban Masked FT ST

AK-47 Blue Gem Rank 2 #892

bind mwheelup "+jump"
bind mwheeldown "slot2"
bind mouse4 "slot3"
bind mouse5 "slot2;slot1"
bind "x" "use weapon_c4;drop"
bind v "slot4"

1000 DPI
Sensitivity 1.4 in-game
1000 polling rate

Currently Online
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Red LGB 2015 combo
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Market Transactions
M9 Forest DDPAT FT and Moto gloves Transport BS
"uszy Mar 17 @ 2:03pm 
furfrag Mar 5 @ 6:52pm 
screenshot them individually with greenscreen then edit the background in uwu
cr0w Mar 5 @ 7:54am 
i dont play comp very often and i usually soloq but sure
✪ ⒷⓊⓈⒶ Mar 5 @ 5:43am 
added to play cs with
side note-how do you take those screenshots with pistols and rifles? it looks bad♥♥♥♥♥and i want to do that with my inv xD
furfrag Mar 4 @ 4:30pm 
lmao my♥♥♥♥♥off that bots previous aliases were all egirl names and it has 1 vac ban
cr0w Mar 4 @ 7:34am 
oh my god really??????????? its no skam rite??!?!?