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League of legends: Sinzey

It's so funny how we think money is the key to success, or that intelligence is something you can prove with a test.
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Brew#sellKaralore0.005 Nov 23 @ 2:25am 
🦎 +rep good player🦎
Added for team talk
W1nth3rツ | Nero <3 Oct 28 @ 9:03am 
Szizo Sep 7 @ 2:00am 
have an offer for ya, added bro.
igral Sep 4 @ 11:39am 
-rep cheater wh
OjojoO May 18 @ 2:46pm 
Braindead Noob LMAOOOO. just chatting....
NANI?! Mar 9 @ 6:21pm 
Hi mane, added u about some trade stuff, just wanna one of ur steam gifts :) :markofkame: