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Former Admin on multiple different groups, most notably TF2SS. On that group I made a somewhat seperate entity known as SSBL which was an upstart TF2 Boxing group that did very well. Unfortuantly, life came up on me and I had to relinquish it. (Gone too soon)
I also have many “personas” and characters I’ve made through out the years. Here’s the collection of them and their bios.

Aar-ron The Creator:
Date: N/A
Description: He created all of these characters listed here, however he created them as entities and then those entities morphed into the bodies they inhabit now.

Sins of Darkness (The Love Killer)
Date: 1780’s
Description: The “OG” of the Sins was a man who killed men and women who were recently married. He hated the term “Love” and thought it was a waste of human emotion. In truth, it was due to him not receiving love himself.

Sins of Darkness (New Age)
Date: 1920’s
Description: Not much is known about this version of Sins, but he could be compared to as “Jack the Ripper” in his time.

Sins of Darkness (Millennial)
Date: 2008-2012, 2016
Description: The last version of “Darkness” was a more manipulative version. He manipulated mortals to do bad deeds. He was killed by the present Sins. He made a reappearance a few years later, but vanished unexplainably.

Date: Present
Description: The Sins that is alive today. He, unlike the other Sins, is morally justified and does things for the good. However, some shades of the old Sins sometimes appear when he is under stress.

Cryasis (Emotion Spirit)
Date: 2019
Description: One of Sins’ “Dark Emotions.” This entity involves sadness and grief. Tries to fill that “void” called happiness that he feels only gets filled by killing people, preferably Sins.

Date: 2019
Description: As only a spirit, it is shown as a white body of Sins, with blacked out eyes. Does not communicate and only tries to harm Sins. Very powerful and can only be destroyed if it’s merged with the heart of Sins himself, which is difficult to do.

Other characters that are not part of the Sins storyline or are spin offs:

Murphy Sanchez Ramirez Jr. III
Date: 2014
Description: A comedy character that is most simplified as this: a black man from Kenya who lives in San Jose who likes to paraglide and play foosball. He’s mainly used as references and usually doesn’t make appearances anymore.

Date: 2015
Description: He is an entity that isn’t in a body. He travels through time and helps out through “coincidences.” If a major event in the world happens by purely through coincidence, it is likely to be the work of Myst.

Mr. Bloomfield
Date: 2016
Description: A short lived antagonist who tried to brainwash Sins. He was killed by Sins.

Sins Savage
Date: 2018
Description: A more “human” Sins who is people minded and isn’t affected by anything negative.

~Will update when more characters are made~

I am always in consideration to adding more characters to this universe that I created. If you happen to have an idea that fits in this timeline, then feel free to pitch it to me. Thanks.

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