Vic   Venezuela
Yo, 'Sup. I'm Sinmos. How is it goin'?
RL Name: Victor.
IGNs: Sinmos, Yabba, Janther.
Aliases: SCAR, Yabbulf, Vic.

Just a normal, kinda crazy, introvert guy who is obsessed passionate about music and video games.

Also, a rookie electronic-ish producer.

Music I listen sometimes
Varien - Valkyrie III: Atonement (feat. Laura Brehm)
Kaizen & You Mase - Impurity

I also like a bunch more of genres like hard and soft rock, dubstep, d&b and so on...
And I hate reggaeton. It's vomit-inducing.

Games I Love
Ace Attorney Saga
Mother saga
Final Fantasy XIII, XII:Revenant Wings, IX. (And VII and VIII to go)

Also, here I mostly drift between Payday 2 and Left 4 Dead 2, for now
Surely I'm forgetting some other games. Those are the ones that came into my mind right now. But If you wanna know if I like any other game, ask away!

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