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Every once in awhile I get an itch for an idle clicker game sometimes it lasts for awhile sometimes it doesn't. This game really gave me that itch and I feel like it wont be satisfied for some time but since I've gotten about 10 hours in and earned 100 achievements I figured it was enough to write a review. Harvest seasons is a nice step away from the speed boost micro-transactions of other clicker games that allow you to infinitely buy gems and spend them on infinite potential upgrades that after a few minutes of speed boost you will realize didn't help you after all. Instead it took the approach of a few small DLC packs which while they do give you a nice quality of life boost they are completely unnecessary and are mostly there to support the developers. The game also takes an RPG RTS type stance in having multiple different resources to manage and balance adding a lot of strategy to your choices especially early on. In the game credits it mentions being created with love to which most people would be skeptical with this of game but after playing it everything from the cute art to the nice convenient of life features and even the music the game really does feel like its creators love it and are making it to share with eachother and just allowing us to peak in and join them and share the experience. There isn't much I can find wrong with the game and I highly recommend it.

-Free to Play
-No Micro-transactions
-Unlike most idle games the music and sound effects are very satisfying
-Despite you not actually doing much the game feels very rewarding to play, the sound effects and achievements help with that.
-Nice simple art work
-Many small quality of life features that you will still be realizing "Oh you can do that?" hours into the game.
-Daily quests
-Strategy mechanics not normally used in Idle games.

Cons: (I have to put something here right?)
-No tutorial so you jump in blind and it can feel a bit confusing and more grindy than it actually is since there are features you wont notice possibly for hours.
-Highly addictive.

Other notes:
-If you're the type of person who likes to use an auto clicker on Idle games this isn't the game for you, it might help a small bit but it will require more micro-managing than the actual game due to how the game is designed with resources being depleted and replanted constantly using tiny popups. It feels like an unintentional nice little anti-cheat.
-My review really doesn't do this game justice or cover the systems in the game very well.

Over all I think I may have just found the king of what an Idle clicker game can be, I hope it continues to grow, I hope more players discover it as it doesn't seem to have a large player base at this time (possibly due to how complicated it appears without a tutorial once you launch it) and I look forward to seeing what the developers do with it. I can't recommend this game enough.

P.S.: To the developers Bearded Bunnies, thank you for sharing this game with us and best of luck with it.

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