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:DJSkully: R/TF2 and R/SFM Discord moderator, previously Quantum Labs moderator.
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I love doing fan edits.

The Queen returns, once again.

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Additional stuffs:
Discord tag: Freasaloz #5159
Personal SFM server:
Commission status: None as of yet.

I can do:
- Basic loadout posters (with or without custom poses) for TF2
- Model hacking (such as anthro; body must be linked to a download site if custom)
- Basic render of your character; such as a pony (note: I can't do custom manes and tails, unless given QC file)
- Scene building

I might not be able to do:
- Custom accessories (Blender, etc.)
- NSFW related posters (however depends on the complexity)
- Characters w/o proper bone rigging (Unknown category instead of Body, Arms, etc.)

TF2 loadout posters - 2 keys (horizontal), 3 keys (vertical)
• You may decide which maps you'd want your character to be in.
Custom posters - Varies; no specific price as of yet.

In the case of payments, I only accept TF2 currencies for the time being. No paypal, sorry.

Thanks to redpandacrew for creating a really nice drawing of my OC! Shoutout to his other creations in Deviantart:
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As much as the program tends to crash at times because of high memory usage (particularly 4k texture models), it's still an easy software for both newer and experienced users to create content with, mostly because of its UI being less intrusive than others- and even with its limitations, you can experiment various ways to overcome its issues (some being SSS lighting, reflections, etc.) and overall, definitely worth a try.

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Amazing SFM dude
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wanted to item offer for your hephaustus
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Added cuz ik you're from that one sfm discord server and you seem cool :p
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