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Being Loved
Umbreon saw a picture of me and saw how cute I was, thus he started to like me. I wanted a plush toy but I couldn't buy it on my own, Umbreon helped to buy it for me, thus I started to like him. He told me by letter that he will pass the plush toy to me one day.

And on that one fine day when Umbreon finally saw me with my friends for the first time, he said my name, "Sylveon?", his gentle voice warmed up my ever-frozen and lonely heart. It was the day when he wanted to give me the plush toy. I turned back slowly to see him, holding the soft little plush toy in his paws.

I took the plush toy and thanked him with a smile. He smiled back at me, and that totally melted my heart. His smile was gentle and just makes me want to smile more back at him.
I found out that we liked each other. He welcomed me with open arms, and held me tight. That’s when I knew, this young love is definitely one worth keeping. Umbreon never once wanted to let me go. He snuggled with me and licked my cheek. We went outdoors together. He meant everything to me.

One day, I felt strange. Feels like I don’t like him anymore, or… Umbreon doesn’t like me anymore. My heart started to feel cold even though Umbreon is hugging me and giving me his warmth. He asked me, “What’s wrong, Sylveon?” I didn’t respond; I just looked away. Umbreon knew that something must be wrong, so he asked, “I’m sorry, is it something I did? I can make up for it. Tell me anything you want me to do. Anything”, I looked at him without a reply, he gave me a worried look with a small frown on his face.

Slowly, I moved away from the safety of his arms out of fear. After moments of silence, I spoke, “Let’s stay as friends, alright? I don’t know if you are really the one”. He nodded once, and I became free.

I walked away from him, into any direction I wanted to go, anywhere that I can roam. He left me with a smile and a goodbye. I felt hatred towards him, I wasn’t so clear on why, but I just hated him.

I walked and walked. Behind me, he slowly faded away into the distance. My heart froze up again. Suddenly, I stopped. I felt another strange feeling. I felt that… something is missing. Warmth and the feeling of cosy and spikey fur around me like a scarf… I thought back into the past, found the last remaining fragments of memories of him… Flashbacks of our past memories, the days when we cuddled, his gentle voice, the plush toy, the lick on the cheek, everything came back to me. Then it felt like something struck me, like an arrow shot through my heart… all I thought in my mind was… “Oh my gosh… I love him.”

I looked back, behind me. He was still sitting there at the same spot, looking at a direction away from me. So faded… I walked so far away from him, then realising that I love him. “Oh how dumb I am to think that he didn’t like me. He showed no sign of it!” I told myself.

So I ran back to him, feeling like it was a miracle that he didn’t walk away. As I ran closer, he smiled at me like how he used to. I ran on and gently pounced at him. But he didn’t welcome me with open arms. I was stunned and gave him a questioned look. He smiled at me and told me he was not ready. He then slowly walked away.

Leaving me behind, I followed him wherever he went. Sometimes I slow down, doubting that he will ever open his arms to me ever again, and sometimes I tried to rub my cheek on his nice black fur while I walk beside him, thinking that he is definitely worth it.

Until today, he hasn’t welcomed me with open arms, but it seemed to me that he will shed some light on me one day, so I am willing to follow him by his side until the day when he puts his arms around me again.

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