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I really expected to like this game, I really did.

Let me preface this by saying that I am a huge fan of roguelikes, turn-based games and anything pixelated. I also want to say that I ADORE FTL: Faster Than Light. It's probably one of my top games, and I'll still boot it up multiple times a month, years after release, just to get a fix of that satisfyingly unfair gameplay. However, since this was from the same developer as FTL, I may have expected too much. Let me explain:

Into the Breach is, like FTL, a Rougelike strategy game. You need to plan your moves accordingly and manage your resources efficiently to minimize risk to yourself or whatever objective you have. The gameplay is actually really enjoyable at the beginning, as you're able to plan multiple extremely flashy maneuvers that can wipe out 6+ enemies in one turn. Such as knocking them off cliffs, pushing them into friendly fire, or grouping them into close quarters for a massive explosive attack. And as you progress, the new enemy types, hazards and objectives will continuously keep you on your toes and force you to re-evaluate the situation, and adapt your strategy.

Now, as I said, the game is actually quite fun at first. But that's the problem. See, I also said that I liked FTL, and that I thought it would be a sort of spiritual successor to it... And that's where I think this game falls short, and I'll condense it into a list:

-FTL has loads of replay value, as multiple runs can diverge into many different paths, you can find new weapons, new crew, and new events. Breach's runs are extremely linear, with no real reason to play a second or third time, unless you want to try out new mechs.

-FTL has a large variety of enemies. Multiple ship classes ranging from small pirates to an entire flagship. There's dozens of different weapons and tools the enemy can use against you, and it's always changing as you progress. The Breach only has a small handfull of different enemies, and you will always encouter them in the same order in the same areas, each of them only having one or two unique attacks and don't require much effort to eliminate, once you've learned what they do.

-Upgrading your ship in FTL is crucial, and an extra point in your engine could mean the difference between dodging a killing blow to your hull, or being scattered along the stars. Changing your weapons to fit a certain playstyle/situation is also critical to surviving. However, in Breach, the upgrades feel next to worthless. Most of them offer hardly any improvement for the upgrade points you're investing. Like +1 damage on a one time use per-level weapon for 2 points. I found myself ignoring the upgrades entirely and still managed to beat the whole game on my first try on standard difficulty.

-For accomplishing certain achievements in FTL, you can unlock new ships, each of which holding a drastically different playstyle and new challenges for you to overcome. Breach also has this, however the new mechs are all exceptionally underwhelming and samey. The starting mechs are probably the best well-rounded ones.

-Runs in FTL are actually quite long, and take a lot of investment to get to the end and actually win. Runs in Breach are very, very short. And they also allow you to go to the final island at the halfway point. The final island will also scale with how many islands you complete, so challenging the final island at the end of the game will be just as hard as if you just skipped half the run and just went right to the end.

In short; Into the Breach is a fun game at first. When you're experiencing it for the first time, the evolving gameplay will try everything it can to catch you off guard. However, the non-existent replay value, shallow enemy and mech design and relatively linear gameplay make it feel like multiple steps back, instead of any kind of evloution from FTL.

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