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Information for those who seek it:
General Info:
Name: Silexos (Or any spelling of it is fine)
Personality Type: INFP "The Mediator" []
Multiplayer preferences?: I play primarily tf2 and Risk of Rain 2, so you can always just join if you feel like it!

Online: Feel free to message me! I usually reply immediately and am always eager to talk!
Away: Probably out and will message you back right when I see it.
Busy: Usually busy with schoolwork, I'll get back to you when I can.
Offline: This one's self-explanatory. I'm out and will message you back whenever I can.

Wow, is that a FAQ?
Q: How do you pronounce your name?
A: Sil-ex-os is the proper pronunciation, though don’t beat yourself up if you mispronounce it!

Q: Why did you add me?
A: Put plain and simple I thought you were cool and wanted to see you more!

Q: Can I add you anywhere else?
A: Yes you can! I have a Playstation account and am also on Switch! If you care to learn more, feel free to ask.

Q: Are you up for trade?
A: No, I'm actually not the trading type. So anything I have I intend to keep. Sorry about that.

Q: Favorite games?:
A: Mgs3, Megaman X, Hotline Miami 1/2, Risk of Rain 2, and Team Fortress 2.

Q: Musical Genres?
A: I mostly listen to Outrun and anything from 50's to the early 2,000's. I'm not really picky when it comes to music, except country. Eww.

If you have any other questions or just want to talk, just message me and I'll reply when I can!

The Most Radical People I know!
Leopard of the snow variety named Cobalt.
Tiny and or small bean named Kiji.
Gamer proto named Lua.
Possum that sounds like an owl.
Marksman bun named Buda.
A talented lad by the name of Omega.
Poog Goblin Timothy.

Just a chilled out guy you can spend time just hanging out with if you need any support. Can't guarantee I can solve everything but I sure as hell will try!
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pyro is really bad and gay
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